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Welcome to my blog.

I am a Spirit-led, non-denominational christian.

The true church is not a building or a religion or organisation. We are the church! Individuals who follow Jesus Christ as led by His Holy Spirit are the church.

Here on my blog you will find my story of how I was raised “jehovah witness” and came out of that false church and found the true Jesus. Jesus Christ IS the Lord! I will post things that Jesus has taught me and my spiritual experiences as He leads me to share and benefit others. As I have received freely, I give freely.

​ I only add things here that I have confirmed for myself are from the Lord and that He gives permission to share. As with all things, always check with the Lord for yourself if its of Him. I don’t call myself a prophet, just an obedient servant. I am imperfect, I can get things wrong, just like anyone. God bless!

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God bless!

My testimony:



Dreams Visions Words from the Lord:

Here is a compilation of some of my dreams/visions listed from oldest to newest. The very first ones are in my testimony above. ^
Here is a snippet from my testimony, when I saw Jesus the first time 🙂

2005/2006? First Vision of Jesus!

I prayed for 3 days asking God to tell me my purpose. I was struggling as a fulltime mother and housewife with no support and I wanted more. I kept hearing Holy Spirit telling me to be a good mom. But I wanted more and kept praying, asking what else?
Then on the 3rd night of praying I woke to see Jesus standing before me. He had a crown on His head and large feathery wings. He had brown wavy shoulder length hair, brown eyes and olive skin. He looked at me with such loving eyes, like He knew me, like I was precious to Him! I never felt so loved before! He said two words to me: “Confess me”. Then He was gone. I then saw ancient hebrew words flowing down the walls around me like waterfalls. I felt moved to reach for my bible and it opened to this verse: Matthew 10:32
“Whosoever therefore shall confess me before men, him will I confess also before my Father which is in heaven.”

I didn’t understand at the time what it meant. But I do now. Here are some key verses to explain what it means to confess Him:
“If you declare with your mouth “Jesus is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.” – Romans 10:9 niv
“And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.” – Philippians 2:11

Jesus is the Lord God, which I had just learned at that time. (I was raised jehovah witness, and they don’t believe Jesus is God. They believe He is an angel.) So this vision was a huge confirmation of that. The fact that He had wings confirmed that He was God too. There are many scriptures of God having wings.


Here are more of my visions/dreams from oldest to newest (you can also go to the search box near the bottom of every page to find all posts on a topic):

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V¡rus outbreak dream

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Word: My gifts are free, Come to me

Birds wing healed

Mark of beast tattoo

Mark of beast tattoo v@ccine

Mark of beast in schools

Calf fattened for slaughter.

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Locusts, Transformation

The 2 Sisters and twin brothers Wedding

Solar Eclipse Rapture / Transformation

Whore of Babylon

The Church will be Burned down.

If you’re reading this, God loves you. Yes YOU!!!

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Wedding Invitations

Tsunami / Ark dreams

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2 volcanoes = rapture

Fallen angels / Train/ Rapture

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Planets / moons in the sky

The war with the fallen angels is beginning

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Elon musk

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Sparkly sand

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