“Bad Neighbor/Landlord” curse broken!

July 2018 “Bad Neighbor/Landlord” curse broken!

Sorry for the following rant but it is part of what really happened and has a good ending!
I had these rude neighbors that kept putting their rubbish bins in our garden. I would move them back over and they would put them back in our garden. I wouldn’t mind so much but we have large windows that look out over our garden and I was sick of looking at their rubbish every day. The landlord also left rubbish and huge piles of dead branches in the backyard. They were there when we moved in 5 months ago. It was bothering me that whole time.
I prayed about it and God showed me that this was an ongoing issue in my life. I did some investigating and wrote down every house I’ve ever lived in, (I moved 28 times in my life), and the problems I had. I found that I had had bad neighbors/bad landlords my whole life, every single house except for 2. The 2 good ones were ones God led me to and actually gave me the money for. (That’s another story) thank you Lord!
I broke the curse off me in Jesus name. I then went straight outside and put the neighbors rubbish back for the last time. They haven’t put it back again ever since! The landlord also finally rang me within that week about clearing the rubbish/branches in backyard! That was after 5 months of not hearing from them! This was such a huge deal to me as I am an introvert and a full time mum and so spend a lot of time at home. If there’s one place you should have peace, it should be your home.
If you have a pattern in an area your life of the same things going wrong for you over and over, maybe it is no coincidence. Take authority over it in Jesus name. God bless!

2 thoughts on ““Bad Neighbor/Landlord” curse broken!

  1. How awesome is that .. love how God leads and guides to set us free!

    The bride and widow one was beautiful too. You’re now the 3rd? Who’s been shown the bride isn’t ready. I feel I’m not ready but keep working n praying on it.. I’m pretty sure holy spirit will do the final perfecting at our transformation!

    Blessings to you and your rubbish free home!

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    1. Yes ive heard from others too to that the bride isnt ready. Some arent ready, thats for sure! In my dream the bride was ready but she didnt think she was, so maybe thats about you! Ive had words too about staying close to the Lord and heard the same said from others as well. God bless!


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