Knocking on Heavens Door

2020 Aug 3

This post is about a little experience I had helping a person the Lord led me too. 🙂

I do see homeless people sometimes and often think I would like to help them and that I should be prepared for when I see one of them next time.

A facebook friend called Zab posted about how she helped a homeless man and wrote a letter out for him in case she saw him again and she did. She inspired me, and so I bought giftcards and prayed that God would direct me to people that need them.  I also asked for a way to give them away without talking to anyone because I’m terribly shy. At the supermarket there was an old busker man and I thought that would be perfect. I felt like God was leading me to him, I felt Holy Spirit. I started to doubt and asked for a sign. Then the man started singing “knock knock knocking on heavens door”!

I knew that was my sign. Then he stopped singing. He seemed sad and was just sitting there. I gave him the giftcard! He said thank you. I said nothing, smiled and left. I’m too shy to say anything, but I wrote on the giftcard: “God bless you”. I hopped in my car and looked back to see him get the giftcard out of his basket. He sat down again and started singing another song with much joy! I felt like God really loved this man and wanted to bless him that day! 

I hope to add more stories to this soon as I have 4 more gift cards in my bag waiting. 🙂

Heres the link to zabs post, she has a copy of her letter that you could use if you want you, to give away with money.

7 thoughts on “Knocking on Heavens Door

  1. Hi there, this is a wonderful idea! I am also very shy and was once told by a Christian that it is a sin/fear of man. I’ve been very hard on myself because of it. I was wondering whats your understanding of being shy? Has God ever said anything about it to you?
    Thank you so much for sharing. You can email me personally if that works better.

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    1. Hi, thanks for commenting. 🙂
      Yes fear can be a sin, but imho being cowardly is even more so, and most shy people I know are more brave than the average person. I also think that its something we need healing of. Also God values the meek and humble. So I believe He forgives us for it. Well those are my thoughts. I have aspergers too which makes it difficult to talk to people. most shy people just need healing imho. God bless you.


      1. Hi, yes I agree with the healing. God healed me from many wounds over the past 5 years and I believe still is.
        I often wondered how could I reach people if I cant go up and start a conversation about the weather let alone God lol.

        Then I’m reminded of how I came to be a born again Christian. No one actually said a word to me, they handed me a Bible tract, smiled an walked away. It happened two times a couple weeks apart in different cities and I thought it was strange, it got my attention.. I sat there alone with God in my place one day looking and reading these tracts about Jesus.. (had the persons stopped and talked to me i dont think it would of had the same outcome because I don’t trust people and maybe would not of really listened) I heard the gospel from these tracts and I said, “ok God IF this is true then I accept Jesus and I read the sinners prayer. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen or changes in my life.. Days later I was feeling down and heard God speak to me for the first time telling me, “You are not alone” and I felt the holy spirit being poured over me and my heart and life was supernaturally chnaged from then on.

        I have passed on tracts to people over the years. Being prepared having these things and blessings is a wonderful reminder, I to pass homeless many times with nothing to offer as well.
        Thank you kind sister for your response and needed reminders 💜

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    2. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing your testimony! I’m the same with not trusting people, even when they mean well, noone is perfect. I got to know God on a very personal level too, completely by myself, one on one time with Him. I did reach out for fellowship and tried different churches even though I was terrified of speaking to people. I never found a church home that felt right to me. I’ve met the most wonderful Christian friends online though, people that are also shy and dont go to church. So they are my church now 🙂
      You’re welcome to keep in touch with me too for friendship, and meet them as well, email me if you like.


  2. Oh and nearly forgot, Moses was shy, afraid, he didnt want to speak to pharoah. But God had chosen him and so God let Aaron speak for him. So if He forgave Moses, He will forgive us too 🙂


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