Atheist has amazing Dream

11 July 2015

Some people refuse to accept the truth no matter what. This is about an atheist who received an amazing dream from the Lord and still didn’t believe.

I had been talking online with atheists in a religious discussion group and was trying to open their minds. People usually become atheists after having a bad experience with the church. Most of them are trolls, but now and then you come across those who are thoughtful and listen. Some I have had pleasant discussions with and I have learned a lot from them. There was this one girl who acknowledged Jesus as a real historical figure who was loving and didn’t deserve to die. She didn’t believe He was God. I challenged her to pray and ask God to reveal Himself. She said she had and never got a response. I felt moved to pray for this girl. I told her I would pray. I fasted and prayed for God to reveal Himself. She came online a few days later and said she had had 3 spiritual dreams that were changing her life. The dreams were one dream, divided into 3 parts. This is her entire dream:

She was about 10 yrs old in the dream. She was by a forest. A lion roared and came towards her. She ran until she realised she cant outrun Him. She stopped in front of a lake and turned around. The lion roared again and she was afraid and fell backwards into the lake. She called the lake an “abyss”. She was drowning. A huge snake wrapped around her. It had yellow eyes and a disturbing smile. It was terrifying. It constricted around her and crushed her. The lion pulled her out of the water and roared at the snake. Then the lion and snake had an epic battle. The snake was winning. The lion was bleeding, wounded, blood everywhere. The snake pushed Him against a tree and wrapped around Him and the tree and constricted Him. The lion found strength and fought him off. The snake took off back into the lake. Then the lion picked her up in His mouth and ran off with her. End of dream.

It couldn’t be more obvious the meaning of this dream. I told her my interpretation: The snake is satan. The lion is Jesus. She is afraid of Jesus and runs from Him and ends up in the devils clutches. Jesus fights for her. He dies for her when He is constricted on the tree. The tree is the cross. When He regains His strength, this is His resurrection. He saves her. This is the gospel!

Unfortunately she did not believe this interpretation. She feels like the lion is some kind of “spirit guide”. She refused to see the truth. Please pray for her that she figures this out. She doesn’t realise how blessed she was to receive this dream. This was 3 years ago and I think she is still atheist to this day. I cant give her name out of respect for her privacy. God knows who she is. Thank you.

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