Prophetic Word “Massacre” Orlando Shooting

2016 Jun 12 Prophetic word:


Sun morning about 3am I woke up to the words “pure massacre”. It is a song by silverchair. I thought this was unusual because I don’t listen to silverchair anymore and haven’t heard or thought of this song since i was a teen. I brushed it off, went back to sleep, then woke up sunday morning and saw the Sunday news headlines: “massacre in orlando”, “greatest massacre in U.S. history” etc. 50 people were killed. Sunday was also pentecost which means 50. It’s no coincidence.


The song “Pure Massacre” by Silverchair (1995) Lyrics:

People dying for no reason at all
Age is no difference or if you’re large or small

Families been torn apart
Doesn’t have to be this way
Some people just have no heart
It’s happening every day
Pure massacre x 4

Machine guns pumping
Hearts thumping
Death is all around yeah
People crying for freedom
No one hears the sound oh

Pure massacre x 4

There’s people crying
There’s people dying
But someone’s taken it all

Machine guns pumping,
Hearts thumping,
Death is all around,
People crying for freedom
No one hears the sound

Pure massacre…

Songwriters: Daniel John

2 thoughts on “Prophetic Word “Massacre” Orlando Shooting

  1. Hi sis

    I came across this post which I saw b4 but interesting that it was also on Pentecost as for the recent june 9 warning u issued.

    Did anything happen this time?

    Julia xx


    1. Yes! I just heard news yesterday, there was a shooter in Dallas on 17th June about to shoot up a courthouse, firing his gun outside. The police shot him before he killed anyone! I had friends praying against it and this was An answer to prayer!

      The 17th is a possible day of pentecost. 17 is also a special number to me that God has been showing me a lot since October last year. I think this is the shooting God warned me about. 🙂


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