I saw the gemstones on the great pyramid

19 Nov 2015


Many years ago when I was a child, (about 10yrs old?) I had a really vivid dream. It was so realistic, like another life, almost like a past life if there were such a thing. The dream amazed me at the time and stuck with me all these years. I had forgotten all about it until today (19 nov 2015). This is the dream, at least the parts I remember:

I was with a lots of people and angels (or fallen angels?) and we were working really hard building the great pyramid. I remember there was technology that we were using to transport the materials beyond what we have today. There were portals and floating platforms to move materials and people around. We were polishing these large gemstones until they shone like mirrors and placing them on the outside of the pyramid. End of dream.

As a child I thought this was very imaginative and wanted to write a story about it. I never knew at the time that the pyramid did actually have polished gemstones on it! 

Fast forward to 19 Nov 2015, I had been struggling with doubts and praying for confirmation to see if the dreams/ visions I’ve been getting are for real. I was then watching a video and when I saw this bit (in picture), I was stunned! I never knew this about the pyramid of Giza. I remembered the dream. Amazingly God confirmed a dream I had about 25 years earlier!


Heres the link to the video I was watching. Its real interesting! https://youtu.be/lDcOQwzP21I

4 thoughts on “I saw the gemstones on the great pyramid

  1. Whoa!! 144k gems!? What are the odds I cannot believe it. Must see the vid. God’s triangle sounds intriguing. If “they” have a triangle it stands to reason it’s a counterfeit of God’s? I’m not fully versed in all of the esoteric stuff, but I know that the 3rd eye is actually “a thing” by God’s design which three new agershave been given knowledge of.

    Amazing dream .. I never knew about gems on the pyramid myself.

    Thank you for sharing 🙂
    Ps I guess the easiest way for me to share with you is if something here triggers my memory or relates. I don’t think there’s that much as I was awakened in 2016 🙂


  2. Yes much of the new age type stuff is counterfeit versions of the real things of God. In the video above he believes the pyramid was built on the spot where Adam was created from the dust. I dont really know but its all very interesting. 🙂


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