Torrential Rain, Lightning and Death

The following dream I had 4 weeks ago. I didn’t fully understand it and still don’t. But I’ve had a few confirmations over last 4 weeks about parts of the dream. So I’m sharing this dream now and hopefully you guys can help me interpret the rest. ( I don’t usually share stuff I don’t understand, but in this case there were a few confirmations). As always, when I learn more about it, I will come back on here and add edits. I always write edits at the end of posts and label them edits. God bless.


2019 sep 2:

Dream this morning: first there was heavy rain. It was so heavy it made holes in the rooftops and poured in everywhere. There was no getting away from it. There was also, what felt like, static electricity in the air. So much that I could float in the air. I was floating and drinking the rain water, it was fun. For some reason I was in a kings house in a village. The people were afraid of the rain and the king was afraid. (While I was floating), he said “why are you doing that, aren’t you afraid?” I said “no it’s harmless. You need to tell your people that everything is ok.” He was too scared to go outside and he just sat on his throne and put His crown on. His crown was made of cardboard and painted gold. I just thought what a faker, what a coward. He doesn’t care about his people.

Next scene: I was with my older daughter and a young girl that I had adopted in the dream. (Older daughter is agnostic which may mean something). We were playing in water on the beach. We had a bed in the water and would sleep on it in the water and look at the stars. I noticed either the sky was super clear or there were a LOT more stars in the sky. Then clouds came in and there was a huge thick lightning bolt, which went from the top of sky down to the ground and it was there continuously and it moved sideways fast around the sky, right to left, just this single lightning bolt. At this point I knew we needed to take shelter. Noone else seemed to notice it. As I was running with my daughters to shelter, I was warning the people. We ran through a park and people were just playing and flying kites in the park! I warned them. They ignored me. Then I saw death in the clouds. He looked like the grim reaper. The people saw him and then they screamed and ran. He was swooping down and killing people, only in particular people were supposed to be dead but had cheated death somehow. (I don’t know how that is possible??). I wasn’t scared of death because I knew he wasn’t coming for us. I got home, got inside and shut the curtains because my youngest daughter was scared. I told my daughters don’t be afraid and don’t open the doors or curtains. I went into another room where my husband was. I said “look out the window, do you see that?” (Death). He saw it and just said it must be some kind of Halloween thing and it wasn’t real.

End of dream.

There is a theme here of people being afraid of the wrong things, and not being afraid of what they should.

The rain I believe is the latter rains, when God pours out His spirit in all flesh.

I don’t know yet who the false king could be?

The static electricity: a couple other people had dreams describing this along with lightning when Jesus returns. There was also an incident in recent news where some mountain bikers walked into a bunch of static electricity and it made their hair stand on end. – a confirmation.

For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. – Matthew 24:27

I do believe I was facing east when I first looked up at the lightning.

The fact that people had kites was interesting to me, because that is a very dangerous thing to do in a lightning storm.

The younger “daughter” that I had adopted looked like a jehovah witness girl i know. I believe she represents jehovah witnesses who I will be looking after during the trib. I’ve had dreams about that before. My older daughter is agnostic, and so this gets me worried that she could be left behind. But at same time, I would be comforted by the fact I was able to protect her.

I wasn’t sure what to make of the “death” character. I thought maybe he could be the horsemen in revelations who is called death? Or could it be the angel of death in Bible that God sent out, who killed 185,000 men in one night? Are they the same person? I believe so. The New testament was originally written in Greek, so it makes sense to call these characters death and Hades, which is what Greeks called them. I believe they are fallen angels.

Please read this article about death and Hades, it’s really interesting!

Death and Hades in the Book of Revelation


3 thoughts on “Torrential Rain, Lightning and Death

  1. I think your dreams are amazing, Mel. You have such vivid dreams. I wish I could help you interpret dreams, but I don’t have that gift. Bu so far the interpretation you have seem spot on.
    I also read the article on Hades and death. It seemed confusing to me. But of course my mind is scattered tonight, so I’m gunna come back tomorrow and try reading it again.
    God bless you Mel

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your comment Donna 💗 it is confusing because they explain the false doctrine in first paragraphs, then explain the true meaning after that. God bless sis 💗


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