Antarctic dream


See this vision first: Fallen Angel’s in chains

2020 July 17

Today is special to me because 717 means rapture among other things and its a number Ive been seeing a lot.

This morning I had a dream. In the antarctica, I saw a bunch of military leaders holding a meeting. The guy running the meeting was standing behind a curved ice wall made of ice bricks. He looked like a military leader also. They all had jackets covered in various medals and badges. 

I know something big is going to happen soon. Please see my previous vision and the video I liked there. Here it is again: Fallen angels in chains



Please pray for my family too for protection and guidance, we are going through a huge crises at the moment. Thank you! God bless!


3 thoughts on “Antarctic dream

  1. I want dreams like this. You are such a blessing to us. Your dreams and interpretations are such a big help to me. Thank you Mel. Love you sister

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