,I went to sleep thinking about the coming attack on USA and I woke up in middle of the night with a word: Manhatten. I didn’t know where Manhatten is except it’s in USA somewhere. I googled it, it’s in New York right where I had my dream of the submarine and torpedoes that start the war. I think Manhatten may be the exact place going to be the first hit. I’ve also seen the statue of liberty decapitated which is not far from there.

Update: Thank you sis Julia, I found God’s handmaiden video re Manhattan.. confirmation!

6 thoughts on “Manhatten

  1. Wow Mary at God’s handmaiden channel and Jeff byerley have recd Manhattan too..but for the false flag event 10x worse than 911. Mary’s vid is entitled Manhattan i think
    God bless you xx

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