Another zombie dream

2022 Jan 2


There were zombies everywhere, they were evil and wanted to kill anyone who wasn’t a zombie. They just walked around until they heard a sound, then their eyes changed to something evil and they tried to bite us. Biting us would turn us into zombies. Me and the group of people I was with were trying to be quiet. We were living in abandoned houses and whatever food we could find in the cupboards. If we made a sound the zombies would hear and try to break into the house. They couldn’t enter the house however, unless we let them in. (Like vampires). But we would move on anyway because it was difficult to come and go once they started gathering outside the doors. The group were all like orphaned children and adults that stuck together and became like a family.

Then I was going to the shop to get food and I heard a baby crying and I found the baby under a pile of rubbish, she had been abandoned. I took her back to the house and took care of her.

The zombies looked like ordinary people, walking around mindlessly. Except when they saw us, then they turned into monsters as if they were possessed. I think the zombies will be people who have been jabbed.

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I think the baby and other children I was taking care of, could represent left behind tribulation saints, like in this dream here.

Let me know your thoughts, God bless