Whirlwind/Portal Dream

Whirlwind/Portal Dream


8 Aug 2016:

I was watching a youtube video and it was showing how there is an increase in tornadoes and waterspouts. As I watched it, I just started thinking about how they look like wormholes or portals. I was remembering how in the sharkboy/lavagirl movie they travel from their world to the earth in a tornado and in wizard of oz Dorothy travels to oz in a tornado. I had a vision a couple years back where an angel was teaching me how to open portals, they were like tornadoes. I also had a dream once where I jumped through portals to save/transport people in the tribulation.

Later that same day, a post came up on my news-feed about how Elijah went to heaven in a whirlwind! I didn’t know where all this is leading until my dream the next morning…

9 Aug 2016:

This morning I had a dream about tornadoes! In my dream I was in my home overlooking the ocean. I saw several waterspouts that were heading our way. I ran into the backyard where my children were playing. By then the tornadoes were over our house. There was a boy there too, a friend of my child’s. I held on to them and looked up at the tornadoes and I saw satan coming down in a tornado. He looked black and grey. He was riding a horse. He was in a vengeful rage, his mouth was so big wide with jagged shark-like teeth. He kind of looked like this picture:


He didn’t see us, he was on a mission and flew right past us. His demons were in the other tornadoes. While I was busy looking at him, one of his demons had come up behind us and plunged his sword into the back of the boy. I cast it out then held the boy crying over him and praying for him to be healed and brought back to life in Jesus name. He was healed and started breathing and got up, wondering what had happened to him. Then some angels came down in a tornado. They had a chariot and were inviting us to go on the chariot with them. End of dream.

10 Aug 2016

The next morning I asked the Lord for confirmation on my tornado dream. Later on i was doing dishes and my young daughter had been very quietly playing on the ipad when she, out of the blue, said “tornado”. I said what? She said “there’s a tornado on my game”. It was unusual and I believe it was definitely confirmation.

Today 13 Oct 2018:

I just realised now, I live right on beach, overlooking the ocean, just like in the dream. I couldn’t really see the ocean where I lived before. Confirmation again!

I also just realised how when I prayed over the boy and he came back to life is similar to when Elijah prayed over a boy and that boy came to life. Elijah also went to heaven in a whirlwind, so this definitely has something to do with Elijah.

1 Kings 17:

21 And he stretched himself out on the child three times, and cried out to the Lord and said, “O Lord my God, I pray, let this child’s soul come back to him.” 22 Then the Lord heard the voice of Elijah; and the soul of the child came back to him, and he revived.

Elijah goes up in whirlwind.

The devil coming down with wrath:

Revelation 12:12:

Therefore rejoice, O heavens, and you who dwell in them! Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and the sea! For the devil has come down to you, having great wrath, because he knows that he has a short time.”

Elijah coming back:

Matthew 11:13-14
For all the prophets and the law prophesied until John. And if you are willing to receive it, he is Elijah who is to come.

Again another confirmation is that I later had a prophetic dream (Dec 2016) and when I woke I felt something heavy being placed on my back. It was later confirmed to me that it was an Elijah mantle. I will add that dream in future soon! Wow I am amazed at how all these old dreams are coming together as I’m going over them all. They are like puzzle pieces! I am having so many revelations. Praise God!

Edit: this video is confirmation of the Elijah mantle coming on many of Gods people. I am not the only one. 🙂 Click here for video.

Prophetic Word “Massacre” Orlando Shooting

2016 Jun 12 Prophetic word:


Sun morning about 3am I woke up to the words “pure massacre”. It is a song by silverchair. I thought this was unusual because I don’t listen to silverchair anymore and haven’t heard or thought of this song since i was a teen. I brushed it off, went back to sleep, then woke up sunday morning and saw the Sunday news headlines: “massacre in orlando”, “greatest massacre in U.S. history” etc. 50 people were killed. Sunday was also pentecost which means 50. It’s no coincidence.


The song “Pure Massacre” by Silverchair (1995) Lyrics:

People dying for no reason at all
Age is no difference or if you’re large or small

Families been torn apart
Doesn’t have to be this way
Some people just have no heart
It’s happening every day
Pure massacre x 4

Machine guns pumping
Hearts thumping
Death is all around yeah
People crying for freedom
No one hears the sound oh

Pure massacre x 4

There’s people crying
There’s people dying
But someone’s taken it all

Machine guns pumping,
Hearts thumping,
Death is all around,
People crying for freedom
No one hears the sound

Pure massacre…

Songwriters: Daniel John

Experiences + Dreams. Power of Faith

2016 May Experiences + Dream on Power of Faith


26 May 2016:

As I was going to sleep I was woken up and felt a bad presence. I felt kind of paralysed and helpless. I just started crying and praying to God to help me. I felt so exhausted. I trusted Him and gave up trying to control the situation and chose to trust in God. Then I felt peace and a warm light was shining from behind me going across the room. It felt like the presence of an angel, if not God Himself. I felt safe and peaceful and went back to sleep. I think this was a test in letting go and trusting Him.


I’ve had a few similar experiences to this one. This reminds me, in the past when I was very new in my faith, (about 10 years ago), I had problems with fear and seeing demons during the night. I could hardly sleep. (thanks to my JW upbringing!) I had a christian pastor come pray over my house and over me. I continued to have problems after this. I asked a friend why this was still happening, and she said to me I have “own it”. What she meant was to put faith in it. I did what she said. Instead of being afraid, I trusted in God and He came through for me. Instead of picturing the things I was afraid of, I pictured the Lord’s face and His arms around me. I was no longer afraid, and hardly ever saw demons after this. If I did, I wasn’t afraid anymore. This was a huge breakthrough for me at the time.


30 May 2016: I happened to watch a youtube video where they were saying sometimes when we are facing a challenge and it seems like God isn’t helping us, we feel alone and we even feel like God doesn’t care. He does care, but what He is doing is holding back to watch and see what WE are going to do first.


31 May 2016: Dream

I was walking with a teenage boy. I don’t know who he was, but I cared about him like a friend. A group or gang of teens (boys + girls) pushed him up to a wall and the leader of the gang started punching him in the stomach.

I knew I had to do something and my first thought was to call the police. I tried getting my phone out of my pocket, but I didn’t have it. I had to be brave, I got in front of the bully and pushed him and said “stop it”. He laughed, they all laughed. He pushed me aside and kept punching the boy. The bully said mockingly “what are you gonna do about it?” I knew then what to do as I remembered the video I saw yesterday. I looked up to seek Gods guidance and saw God in my minds eye. He was smiling at me with peaceful confidence. He was saying with His expression “well? What are you going to do?”. I knew then what to do, remembering the power I have in Jesus. (For some reason, at this point, my husband and children were standing behind me). I turned to my family and said “watch this!”. I stood in front of the bullies again and put my hand out in a “stop” gesture. (I swear at this point I felt like Neo on the matrix haha!) I shouted “In Jesus name, GO HOME!” They all backed away and left one by one. They were laughing and mocking as they backed away, but it doesn’t matter! They were doing as they were told! My family and the teen boy were amazed. End of dream.


I do believe the Lord was showing me in this dream what is possible with the power of His name. I have heard so many stories ( including bible stories!) of people doing things like this with faith.

It really is a relationship between us and God. We can’t do it on our own, we need God. But we need to have faith and trust Him to take care of the things we can’t do. Thank you Lord.

Scriptures on faith:

“Assuredly, I say to you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.” – Matthew 18:18

Philippians 4:13
“I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”

Matthew 17:20
“He said to them, “…truly, I say to you, if you have faith like a grain of mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move, and nothing will be impossible for you.”

Matthew 19:26 “with God all things are possible”


Edit: Nov 4th 2016 another Faith Dream and martial law dream:

Scene 1: 3 people were fighting/brawling. I went into the middle of the brawl and touched each of them and said “be calm in Jesus name”. They calmed down, stopped fighting.
Scene 2: Walking into a bank, I saw 2 men with large guns. I assumed they were robbing the bank. I went up to each and told them to stop in Jesus name. They lowered their guns and left.
Scene 3: I was in my house. My house was in NZ in the dream. (I used to live in NZ, my home country). I saw many large helicopters in a group fly past. I felt like this was either war or martial law and felt like we needed to hide. My parents were there and I was telling them that we need to leave now and they wouldn’t listen. So I tricked them. I took them across the road to some kind of entertainment venue. I told them it would be fun! When everyone was safe there, I looked out the window to see what was happening at our house across the street. There was lots of policemen breaking into our house looking for us. They were attacking the neighbours too and people that were just walking past on the street, probably trying to get info on us. My dad noticed too and he starting videoing them. I felt really badly for the neighbours getting attacked and wanted to help them, but had to stay put and keep my family safe. End

I think this dream was showing that in the future, when martial law/new world order comes, we will need great faith to get through those times, and I do have faith that God will give us what we need to get through.


Nov 5th 2016

Dream: I was teaching someone about faith. People started to gather around and then someone passed me a microphone. End.

I think this dream was an encouragement plus premonition of me teaching others about faith and here I am doing it in this blog! Hopefully I can teach more and more people in  future. It is an honour and a privilege to be doing the Lords work. All glory to God alone!

Please share if you have any experiences with faith, so we can encourage each other. God bless!


Vision: Python Spirit

2016 May 23


I had a vision of a HUGE python in front of me.

I did some digging on the python spirit and I came across this article and it is quite accurate to my situation. Check this out for a list of symptoms to see if you may be in the grip of a python spirit:



I was in tears reading through the symptoms. I had been suffering and fighting this my whole life and thought something was wrong with me. Other people always seem to have it so much easier. I’ve had more problems than I can write here, despite how much I’ve fought and conquered, new problems come up. It’s unbelievable what I’ve been through and continue to go through.


The python spirit constricts you by making your life so difficult that you can’t move forward without tremendous effort. Just as the snake wraps around and constricts its prey until it can’t breathe. That’s what I often feel like, like I can’t breathe. I get so overwhelmed with everything. Things keep happening to me to stop me moving forward. It’s like trying to walk in quicksand. Python stops us or at least slows us down from our God given callings.

You cannot simply cast it out, and believe me I’ve tried. Python gains control over us when we buy into its lies. We can defeat python by rebuking its lies and believing and declaring Gods truth. Bit by bit, as these lies are defeated, python loses its grip on you.


This is one of her videos that will walk you through it:


This has really been helping me to get breakthroughs. I am trying to be mindful of my thoughts and correcting my wrong thinking. It also helps sometimes to write it all out. Get your thoughts and your problems out of your head onto paper and work through them. Paula has books on python too which go deeper into this. Her books gave me so much confirmations!


There was a woman in acts 16 that was possessed with a spirit of divination aka python. Paula says Python is the false prophet, or satans false version of Holy spirit. Read her books to learn more.


25 sep 2018: I got a sign that python is still oppressing me: I was driving and thinking how it must be no coincidence that all my children are having issues that take up all my free time. As I was thinking that, I found myself looking at a picture of a python. It was a sign outside a reptile shop.


I’m still battling python. It seems like as soon as I conquer one problem, another pops up. The fight is so hard. 😥 It’s really hard to not fall into depression.


4 Oct 2018: After praying for help with python today, the Lord has just given me this scripture: John 15:1-17


The Lord is saying to me to abide in Him. I can’t defeat python on my own. I need Jesus.


To abide in Him we must obey His command to love and care for others. Python keeps us so wrapped up in our own problems we forget to look after each other! Thank you Lord.

The vision I had of the foot stomping down relates to this too! I have authority to stomp on serpents!

Please tell if you have battled python and what has helped. God bless