My sons deliverance

16 Dec 2016 Delivering my son


I had seen the demon that was oppressing my 9 yr old son a number of times and had been praying for him. It looked like a skeleton. The first time I saw it (June) it was surprised that I could see it, the second time (July), it was afraid because it knew it was exposed and wasn’t going to get away with it. I prayed against it those times. It had to go! No demon is going to mess with my son! I didn’t know for sure if it was gone though, and it wasn’t.

Early this morning (Dec) my son sat up and sleep-talked, he said “you’re getting worse you know.” I said “what is getting worse?”. He said “Your mind”. This was a demon speaking to me through him and it’s not the first time. (As a side note, Jesus has recently healed my mind as I was having trouble with short-term memory.). He was grinding his teeth a lot too while he slept. Gnashing of teeth can be a sign of demons. (See Mark 9:18). This morning I thought enough is enough, I have to get rid of this thing! I prayed again over him and prayed in tongues too for a couple hours while he was sleeping. I asked God for a sign to show me when he is delivered. I asked God to make him smile. When I said this, his face twitched and he started crying. He cried for a while in his sleep and woke up still crying. I asked him why he was crying and he said I had called him a “dirtbag” yesterday. I never called him a dirtbag! I don’t even use that word and would never say such a thing and I told him so! It was the demon giving him a bad dream. It obviously was trying to come between us to stop me casting it out. Then it was time to leave for school and I decided to keep praying because dealing with this was more important than school! He got up and started walking to bathroom, then stopped and said “mum, I just felt something push down on my head! Now I’m feeling lightheaded”. I was getting real angry at this demon by now. How dare it bully my son like this! I pulled him close and prayed against the demon again. I got my son and daughter to pray too. I told them about how God lives inside of us and the bad spirits are scared of Him and we just have to tell them to leave in Jesus name and they will run away, crying because they are afraid of Jesus. So we prayed and he was getting more peaceful and happier. I said it must be gone now, it must have ran away crying! My children laughed at that. 🙂 Then he wanted to go to school! (Usually he hated going). On the way to school he had a big smile on his face and he said “mum, I just feel like smiling all day today!”. I said why and he didn’t know why. So I told him that was God making him happy!

Update: Nov 2018: He has not grinded his teeth since that day, after grinding his teeth every night beforehand!

I learned a number of lessons from this experience. My children learned from it too!

– I couldn’t get rid of the demon on my own, I had to get my children involved. I think God wanted me to involve my children to teach them the power they have in Jesus

– I also learned that demons can give people false memories to come between relationships. I have definitely experienced this in my life with other relationships. I have had many times others accusing me of things I haven’t done. Or turning against me for no apparent reason.

– It’s also ok to ask for signs. It’s good to clarify things.

– Also don’t give up, if you don’t seem to be getting anywhere, please don’t give up. Believe in the Lord and He will help you find a way for your breakthrough.

– Don’t be afraid to teach spiritual warfare to your children. It won’t scare them if you tell them how wimpy the demons are and how afraid of Jesus they are! They aren’t big and scary, they are small and pathetic. Teach them this so they won’t be afraid, and because it’s true!


God bless!

3 thoughts on “My sons deliverance

  1. Wow just wow
    And thank the Lord there is power in the name of Jesus!
    I can really relate as my son had harrassing spirits off and on for a while. Deliverance prayers worked for a while, lots of anointing oil in his room, and worship music. I think he finally got rid of it/them by sending them to the pit never to return..we haven’t experienced anything for a Long time.
    If you want details just let me know but can agree it’s very frustrating! Ive heard My son grinding his teeth too so I’ll have to see if he still does. My husband does sometimes .. I always thought it was stress.
    Thank you for sharing..powerful lesson..such a joy re.the smile.sign!


  2. It could be just stress. I dont know. My son was doing it a lot when he was asleep. I was getting real worried about his teeth! That’s interesting about sending them to the pit. Ive never done that before but heard of it. I usually say go wherever Jesus sends you. I figure He knows the best place. 🙂 God bless u and thanks for your comment! ♡


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