Epic Vision/ Experience!

August 2014

It has been confirmed to me through Holy Spirit, something that I take very seriously, but as with everything you need to confirm it with Him for yourself. It is long but worthwhile as many lessons were shown to me.
The background of this vision is important. I was very sick with non stop coughing and a burning fever. I was 3 days away from moving house and really panicking because I was too sick to do any packing. (I have 4 children to care for who were sick too and no support on top of that). I was in pain from coughing constantly and my high fever was causing me to go in and out of consciousness. I started to feel depression/heaviness/hopelessness. I was actually starting to think I had died and gone to hell and feeling suicidal and doubted if God loved me. I know for a fact this flu was not a natural flu, it was a demonic attack. (That’s another story how I know that). I didn’t give up though and started reading a book I had by Peter Tan about health. It’s very good, it showed me 4 very good points to getting well and being well:

1 take care of our soul (mind) by staying in a state of joy, gratitude and love / Rebuking fears and reading the bible.(Plenty of scripture on this one).
2 take care of our spirit through meditating on God’s word and reading it out loud/prayer and worship. These are like food for your spirit and makes it grow stronger.
3 take care of our physical body. Eat well/exercise/rest etc.
4 remember that we have been given power over satan/demons and His grace IS sufficient for this. We just need to have faith.

I read all the scriptures about healing and praised God and thanked Him for everything He has given me. It is very hard to do when you feel hopeless but do it anyway and keep rebuking fearful thoughts. Reject the devil’s lies and believe in God’s truth and you will get better. For example when the thought of “God not loving me” came up I would rebuke it and say God has proven for all time that He loves me because He died for me and that is the truth written in His word!

After doing this for hours the despair gradually left me but I was still sick and going in and out of consciousness and went into a vision. It was very vivid and real and this is going to be hard to describe in words but I’ll do my best. It was like I was viewing my reality from the spiritual perspective, behind the veil.
This may sound strange, but I saw my thoughts. They had actual spiritual substance. Thoughts of fear were dark and heavy and thoughts of love were light and glowing. They had influence on my life. They surrounded me kind of like an aura of energy around me. When I spoke those thoughts out loud with faith, they were MUCH stronger.

This scripture comes to my mind: “Faith is the substance of things hoped for”. See that word: “substance“. I know this sounds like new age but it is true. The thing is new agers try use this knowledge to “manifest” things they want like wealth and create the life that they want. That’s wrong. For one we can’t create anything outside of God’s will and two: we are not to be selfishly thinking about what we want but we should doing God’s will. So what I gain from this part of the vision is that our thoughts/words do matter and we need to be mindful of that and keep our thoughts/words on the right things. See Phil 4:8

Next part of vision:
I saw a timeline of my life and I zoomed in on the next 3 days. I saw us moving to our new house without any problems and saw myself there at the house thinking happily about how everything worked out. (Zooming back out) I saw on this timeline there were future events that were solid and events between them that weren’t solid. What I mean is I saw things that are going to happen no matter what but a lot of the future in between is open to possibilities.

It looked kind of like a 3d filmstrip with movies playing on each section. The different sections had key events. I could zoom out and see the main life changing events or zoom in and see every second. And it seemed to be growing like a tree at the same time and patterns everywhere. It was so complex and beautiful and so hard to describe. I can see it now when i think about it. The way we experience time isn’t actually how it is. It all seems to be happening at once. Past present future. Maybe this is what we see when we are dying and our life flashes before our eyes.

I saw many, many busy angels quickly flitting all over and in and out of my timeline gently influencing events to help me keep on track. These events were like many puzzle pieces joined together and every time I made a decision, the angels would rearrange the pieces in the timeline to keep me on track. They can do little things that we don’t notice but it creates a chain of events that directs us. For example: making us lose our car keys, which then makes us late, which then causes us to bump into a person that we were supposed to meet… Or they give us a message through a street sign we drive past or someone sharing a story with us and it causes us to rethink something in our life and make a different choice…etc
What I gathered from this is while we have free will, we have a purpose from God too at the same time and when we stray from our purpose He sends His angels to give us a nudge in the right direction. See Romans 8:28
Another way to look at it is we are on a path and it’s going where the Lord wills. We can meander all over the path and sometimes bump into the sides which is when we get hurt. We have free will within the boundary of the path.
I saw that everything is going to be OK for me and it gave me so much comfort! Things did work out with the move. I got better very quickly and packed up the house over next 2 days and everything worked out perfectly!

In this vision what amazed me the most was how I felt no fear whatsoever. Not one tiny inkling. It was such peace that I never felt before. As I was coming out of this vision my faith was strong and I looked at my son who was next to me. He was trying to sleep but couldn’t stop coughing. I said with certain faith “stop coughing and go to sleep”. As I said it, I saw/felt the substance of those words go from my mouth to my son and immediately he stopped coughing and fell asleep. My older 2 children then came in the room. They were in the middle of fighting and coming to complain to me about whoever started it. I just said “peace” and I felt peace go over them. They stopped fighting immediately and they forgot they were fighting and started talking nicely to each other and went off to play together. It was very rare for those two to play together!

​Faith is so important and powerful!

Scripture on the power of our words :

James 3:10 Out of the same mouth proceed blessing and cursing…
Proverbs 18:21
Death and life are in the power of the tongue,…

You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed.
Psalm 139:16 NLT

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