No problem is too small for Him

2020 Nov 7

Dream: I was moving house to a nice new home up on a hill. I had a sense that we were running out of time. I knew there was a flood or tsunami coming. I ended up leaving a lot of things behind and left. Up at the new house I saw the sky change from day to night. The stars were twinkling and moving. Then I was on a beach and the water had turned to bubbles. (Tsunami coming?) 

Next scene: there were men running and shooting each other. White men and black men (African american). I think this was riots in america. I was trying to help a black man that was shot. I had a knowing that Jesus was coming to heal people and He was on His way down from heaven.

Next scene: I was in the back of a truck with some other people and Jesus, traveling to the place where people were being shot. He had humble clothes on and a hood so people wouldn’t recognize Him. The people in the car and I knew who He was. There was a man sitting between me and Jesus and he somehow burnt his finger. I nudged him and said “why don’t you ask Jesus to heal it?” He said “no, I don’t want to bother Him, He has more important things to do.” Jesus overheard us and turned around and held the mans hand and healed him. Jesus hands lit up with a glow from the inside and the mans hands did too. Healing power went into his whole body, and his whole body was healed as new. I felt Holy Spirit strongly as well while watching this. Jesus said “I came to heal big things and small things”. 

Next scene: I was running to get Jesus clothes that He had apparently left on earth from the last time He was on earth. I found the men that were looking after them getting them out and dusting them off. (I think they were Jewish men, like pharisees). One of them was putting on Jesus clothes and they were reading out their laws while he was putting on the clothes. The laws were written on them. I ran in there and I said “what are you doing? We need to get these to Jesus now.” The man said he’s just trying them on. I told him to hurry and stop mucking about! Then I realised the man did not intend to give them to Jesus. End.

This lines up with my previous dream where the Jewish leaders rejected Jesus: Message for Jews: Jesus is the Messiah

I believe me moving house up a hill is symbolic of rapture and transformation. A house is symbolic of our body /temple. We get taken immediately before a tsunami hits.

See also tsunami dreams: Tsunami / Ark dreams

At some points riots/civil war will start, some are saying they could start if bidens win gets overturned. They could also get worse if martial law begins and/or the people fight against mandatory v@x/ mark of the beast. I don’t know exactly how it will play out, but it’s coming.

When Jesus said He came to heal big things and small things, I think that means noone is too insignificant to Him and no problem is too small. If you have a problem, pray. Honestly I ask Him for help with the smallest things and He helps me. For example I’ll ask for an idea of what to make for dinner and He gives me an idea. I’ve actually prayed for small burns and He’s healed me. We aren’t bothering Him. His love and power are infinite. His time is infinite. He can do it all. He is never too busy for you. God bless

He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalms 147.3

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2 thoughts on “No problem is too small for Him

  1. This is incredible. I was just thinking of all this happening. Especially what’s happening in America. The Evil is rapidly increasing since the Democrats stole the election. Thanks for sharing always. Sorry I haven’t responded much these past months. I’m preparing to move and trying to get our home ready to sell. God bless you Mel

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