Jesus as the Lion, defending me

2019 Sep

(Not sure of the date of this one, about the 20th sep?)


I was asking God about how the family member who abuses me is going to get on after he is left behind. I saw a vision of him on his knees crying to God. I saw Jesus appear to him as a lion and He roared And said “why didn’t you listen to my daughter!”. And he was saying sorry please forgive me. Then He forgave him. That’s all I saw.

It’s encouraging to know that all the people that don’t listen to us now will find out the truth one day.

Update 25 sep: I just saw this song, and the lyrics are a confirmation!

Lyrics: “If a lion roars, would you not listen?, If a child cries, would you not give them?”

6 thoughts on “Jesus as the Lion, defending me

  1. How amazing sis, i love the way God speaks and confirms things to us. I’ve never heard that song before. I feel so sad for our loved ones but its not too late, i think it was maybe the right timing for them. May God give them strength .. he’ll be right beside them as he has been with us

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    1. Yes He will forgive them and help them. it’s so hard knowing that they will be left behind and we can’t make them listen to us. πŸ˜₯ but helps a bit knowing they will make it in the end


  2. This is the prettiest song I have heard in quite a while. I also like Selah. If you get a chance, look up some of her music. You visions are so spot on. You are really gifted. I think it’s quite wonderful how God relays to us what He wills
    Take care sweet sister
    ~blessed Mom

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    1. Amen, God is wonderful! I’m nothing special and always amazes when God shares these things with me. I’m just His humble servant. Thank you Lord! 😍 I will check out Selah, thank you sister! God bless πŸ’—


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