Trump: Best case scenario.

Let’s entertain for a minute that trump is a good guy. (Wether he is or not is another topic).


The way he has been elected into this satanic government system would be similar to how Joseph was chosen by pharaoh to be his second in command. It was good for a while because the israelites got to live in egypt and have food and provisions during the famine. But later on we all know the Egyptians enslaved them. So the point is: it could never be a good thing in the long run, as much as we want it to, because just as it was the evil pharoah that was really in charge the whole time, usa and the world is run by evil men. In fact this world is in the power of satan and we are to have no part of it. USA wasnt founded on christian principles, that is an illusion. It was founded by freemasons. Freemasons believe in one god and it isnt the God of the bible, it is a god that accepts all religions, satan himself. When they say “in God we trust”, that is who they are talking about. We are all under the noahhide laws, which makes worshipping Jesus punishable by beheading. At some point this is going to be enforced. It is written in revelations that these things are going to happen. We are all slaves, just like the Israelites were, unless we trust in Jesus alone to save us. And another thought…pharoah killed the Israelite babies and they couldnt stop that from happening. Just like trump cannot stop abortions from happening. We cannot fight this on our own, we need God to save us, and He will save us, just like He saved the Israelites.

I say this in love because I care about you all. The only way to be saved is with our Lord and savior Jesus Christ. Forget about politics and Praise His Holy name and follow Him 🙏💖 God bless

2 thoughts on “Trump: Best case scenario.

  1. AMEN sis on point!
    In a word given to Jeff byerley recently, loving Tru mp is one of three reasons the shaking of the church has begun
    His last three? Messages are very important. As is Julie Whedbee’s latest.
    God bless you and the family xxx

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    1. Amen. Trump was definitely sent by God as a test and many have failed the test. They are trusting man more than God. I’ve seen those words, I love how the true prophets are in unison with what we are saying. Love u sis, God bless xx


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