Earthquake dream 11:11

11 nov 2015


Earthquake dream this morning.


Major earthquake, the house and furniture were splitting apart. I was lying in bed with my 2 youngest children. The bed started turning onto its side. I grabbed onto my children, one with each hand so they wouldn’t fall. End of dream.


This dream sounds scary but I felt peace throughout the dream. In fact I felt really strong because I was able to keep my children safe.


The date I had this dream may be significant: 11:11. I’ve often seen 11:11 on the clock, a lot of people have. I believe it is a sign of the 11th hour. (See Matthew 20:1-16)


More recently (2018) myself and many others have had words from the Lord that a shaking is coming and to not be afraid. The Lord will get us through it.

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