Our Pets go to Heaven

2021 May 22

Yesterday our beautiful black cat, Ebony, passed away. She had fluid in her lungs and had to be put to sleep. She was such a lovely cat who gave me love and comfort when I was feeling down and I will really miss her. My children and I have been in tears. I did try praying for her to be healed, but to no avail, but maybe that’s because it was her time to go.

I was telling my kids about a cat I had as a child that died in a similar way, his name was “cuddles”, he was fluffy, orange and white. And I said I believe our cat Ebony is in heaven with cuddles.  Last night I was praying for a sign that our cat has gone to heaven, even though I believe she has. I believe I saw Jesus holding her in my mind’s eye. Then this morning I was scrolling through instagram and this painting randomly came up and the cats on it look exactly like cuddles and Ebony! This was my sign, God is so good! 🥰

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPF73Y3n6ku/?utm_medium=copy_link

See also: https://youtu.be/ltTqMezsciM

ps please pray for us, we’ve been going through a lot of sickness , health problems and other issues. Thats why I havnt written here much lately. Thank you, I know you are all going through stuff too and you’re all in my prayers. God bless

3 thoughts on “Our Pets go to Heaven

  1. Dear Sister in Christ,

    I am sorry to hear of the passing of your cat and of your other trials. I will plan to include you and your family in the people I pray for regularly.

    Concerning whether animals will be resurrected, I noticed the following thing in the Greek New Testament last year:

    Verses 39 and 40 of John 6 read:
    “(39) Now this is the will of He who sent Me, that everything which He has given to Me I will not lose from Him, but I will raise them on the last day. (40) For this is the will of My Father that everyone who sees the Son and believes in Him might have eternal life and I will raise him on the last day.”

    In the Greek, the pronouns in verse 40 for “everyone” (who sees the Son) and for “him” (the ones raised on the last day) are “πᾶς” and “αὐτὸν”, which are in the masculine gender. This makes sense, as this is what would normally be used for an indeterminate person.

    The interesting thing is that the pronouns that are used in verse 39 for “everything” (which is given to the Son) and “them” (which are raised on the last day) are “ὃ” and “αὐτο”, which are in the neuter gender.

    The only real reason I can think of for why the neuter gender should be used in verse 39 is that this group includes animals. Whatever is included in this group is raised on the last day; so it cannot include angels nor inanimate objects. It would make sense, I think, to refer to animals with the neuter gender, as they are not exactly persons. Also, animals would not be included in the group from verse 40 because this group is those who believe in Jesus, which would not seem to be the case for animals.

    I hope that blesses you. Our God is good. I rejoice to know that you continue in His love.

    – Travis

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  2. Also, by the way, the painting you included resembles the two cats I live with also. They have the same colors and the darker cat here is more serious, which seems to be the case for the cats in the painting also. : )

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    1. Thank you so much for your comments! Thanks for that scripture and the meaning. You might like to see the video I linked above as they go into all the scripture that supports our pets going to heaven. Thats amazing that you have similar cats! Our Ebony was more serious than cuddles also. God bless! 😊🙏💗


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