Rapture, C0v1d, bowl of wrath

This is a rapture dream which I thought I had shared but just found that I hadnt, so here it is. I cant believe I forgot to share this one! I apologise, its because of the stress I have been going through. Better late than never.

2020 Dec 22  

I had this dream during the jupiter saturn conjunction:

People were fighting against c0v1d,  but going about it the wrong way. They were scared, running around with guns. I saw the c0v1d particles in the air. I saw an innocent man walking and they were threatening him with guns saying he has c0v1d. I had some kind of special xray vision and could see that his body was clear of it, like he was immune. The people were afraid of him. I prayed for help, then saw an angel pouring out a bowl over the earth. It had white powder in it. It changed things somehow. I felt like things shifted to the next step, past c0v1d, to something else. 

Next scene, I was sitting in heaven, from Gods perspective, and saw God the Father and there was a ring of fire, I only saw part of the ring because it was huge. He scooped out of the fire a person and put them into a white shining light/ball which was at the centre of the ring.

It was the same person that everyone had their guns on at the start of dream. 

My interpretation: I think this means that when they turn on us for not having the vax, that’s the point when we get raptured. A few have been saying that when it becomes mandatory we are raptured. or: This may be the second rapture for tribulation saints, I’m not sure. Me having xray super vision and being next to God may be clues that I was already raptured/transformed at that point.

I have a theory that the ring of fire I saw was our timeline. I think the fire represents judgement. I know the angels pour out bowls of judgement at some point.

I think the white shining light may be heaven and I think God pulling the man out of the timeline into heaven is the rapture.

Here is the scripture for the first bowl. Im not sure when this is supposed to happen in the order of events? Maybe you guys could help me out:

Revelation 16: 1 Then I heard a loud voice from the temple saying to the seven angels, “Go and pour out the bowls of the wrath of God on the earth.” 2 So the first went and poured out his bowl upon the earth, and a foul and loathsome sore came upon the men who had the mark of the beast and those who worshiped his image.

Please share your thoughts thanks! If any of you have any idea why I got the dream during the conjunction please let me know as well. At some point, I want to piece together all of my dreams and make a timeline of events but I havnt had the time or opportunity. If anyone would like to have a go at it, you are welcome to and I would appreciate it so much.

God bless

7 thoughts on “Rapture, C0v1d, bowl of wrath

  1. Incredible dream sis! Keep praying I to it and holy spirit will give you full understanding. I know that the Day of the Lord begins at the 6th seal, then 7th seal (where we are in heaven or a realm training, during the 3 dod). God’s wrath is the trumpets then bowls I believe.

    Better late than never
    Praying you’re unnecessary.stress now. B VITAMINS are needed as they get depleted during stress.
    Bless you and.the family
    Julia 💓🕊💖

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  2. Good Morning Sister
    First thing I thought of was Pacific Ring of fire tectonic plates-earthquakes & volcanoes
    Maybe now was the timing for it to be released and it was not forgotten:)
    Blessings & prayers for you and your family

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  3. Dear Sister in Christ,

    As always, I am glad to see new posts from you. I truly believe God is using these to bless the saints who read them at this time.

    I am writing with my thoughts on the questions you asked.

    I know people have many interpretations of Revelation. I have thought for a while (as a conjecture) that the bowl judgments are to begin just after the middle of the seven year tribulation and just after the “second rapture” as you say.

    My theory is that Revelation is basically chronological. Chapter 13 tells of the beast taking total political control of the world and demanding that all people worship him. Chapter 14, verses 1-5 seem that they may refer to the rapture of the 144,000. Verses 14-20 might also refer to a “second rapture” event (cf. Matthew 13:36-43).

    Only then do we read of the angels with the plagues (15:1), which they will pour from the seven bowls in chapter 16.

    Concerning your second question about the timing of your dream, my thought is that it was likely timed because of the roll out of the “vaccine”. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction was on 12/13, apparently, and the first “vaccine” shot was apparently given in the US on 12/14.

    Our God is at work! Let us remember that with Him a day is as a thousand years!

    God bless!


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