My son and I, shared vision/dream.

My son and I had this shared vision/dream:
June 2014

Please note, before this happened, I was seriously considering moving from Australia back to my home country of New Zealand.

I woke up at night and had a vision. I saw cards with hearts cut out floating down over my son who was sleeping. I never told my son about this. A week later my son, (he was 11 yrs old at the time), he woke up and he was calling me. He looked like he had seen a ghost. He said “mum I had a dream but it was real”. He was shaken and he was weeping as he told me his dream…
In his dream he was standing on a mountain. There was a earthquake and thunder. He looked up and saw the clouds, they parted to make a heart shape hole in the clouds. Through the hole he saw australia. Then lots of cards with hearts cut out floated down over him. Someone stood next to him and whispered “Jesus is coming”.
***end of dream***

I believe God was telling us to stay in Australia and that He is coming soon.

Edit: 25 sep 2016

I had been praying for my other children to recieve dreams too for a long time. I asked God why He had given my son this amazing dream and not my other children. He said to me “because he is your firstborn”.

Firstborns in the bible, have an important role of responsibility. They get double inheritance and recieve their fathers blessing. They become the head of the family after the father dies.

I spoke to my son about this, about how important it is that he look after his younger siblings and he really understands. He is very protective of them. So proud of him!

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