Fallen angels / Train / Rapture

2021 Aug 28 Dream:

I was looking up at the stars and they started moving. A bunch of them moved in a spiral, coming down closer and closer to earth. As they got close I saw they were actually pagan gods /goddesses. I was at a train station with my children buying tickets. I knew it was the last train of the day and I had to get us home for the night. As I was buying the tickets (I got them free somehow), there was 2 extra children coming with us and so I asked them to increase my tickets to include the extra children.

My interpretation:

The stars/ pagan gods and goddesses are the fallen angels coming down. The train represents the rapture. The tickets were free because Jesus has paid the price for our lives when He died on the cross. The extra children coming with us I believe represents the rapture of the children: All children in the world being raptured because they are innocent, being under the age of accountability, therefore will be automatically saved from going through Gods judgement.

Please take this to the Lord and feel free to leave a comment, God bless

4 thoughts on “Fallen angels / Train / Rapture

  1. Please consider the following passage:

    “Another parable He set before them saying,
    ‘The kingdom of the heavens is like a man sowing good seed in his field. While the men slept his enemy came and sowed on top zizania in the midst of the grain and went away. When the grass sprouted and produced fruit, then the zizania also appeared. Coming to him, the servants of the householder said to him, “Lord, did you not sow good seed in your field? Where then does zizania come from?”
    “‘But he said to them, “An adversarial man did this.”
    “‘Then the servants said to him, “Then do you want us in going away to gather them?”
    “‘But he said, “No; lest gathering the zizania you uproot with them the grain. Let both grow together until the harvest and in the season of the harvest I will say to the harvesters, ‘First gather together the zizania and bind them into bundles in order to burn them, but gather the grain into my barn.'”‘”
    (Matthew 13:24-30)

    What do you think of the following interpretation?

    householder = the Lord
    his enemy = His enemy
    grain = true sons and daughters of the Kingdom
    zizania = hypocrites
    harvesters = His angels
    harvest season = soon / now ???
    bundles = apostate churches
    his barn = His presence

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