Angels, Jesus are ready

29 sep 2019

Yesterday I had a vision of the angels around the earth ready to take us and I had forgotten about it, then I saw this video where he had a dream of the same scene and said it’s like a popular picture that I’ve seen before, which was like my vision also. Then straight after the video I went to Facebook to share it and first post that came up was the picture!!! So it was a double confirmation!

Here’s the video:


Here’s the picture:


Please check out Matthews previous video too, a must watch:

(I just want to add in a note right here, he assumes the rapture would happen on Rosh Hashanah, which isn’t necessarily true, just what he interpreted from what he saw. I do believe he saw Jesus though. God bless him).

6 thoughts on “Angels, Jesus are ready

  1. Wow, what a dream. To know we are gunna be Raptured soon, is amazing. I feel it in the air. Excitement everywhere. Even the birds seem different. Do you notice it too?
    God bless this Christian blog
    Blessed mom

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    1. Yes things seem so strangely calm. I feel like Jesus or the angels will walk in the door any moment, can almost reach out and touch them. 😍 The birds are singing beautifully here, but it is springtime. Thank you for your comments. God bless πŸ’—


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