Don’t look back!

Don’t look back!


2 experiences and a dream and word. These are all about trusting God 100% :


18 Oct:

I was in my backyard and noticed 2 new sinkholes (there was already one, so now there’s 3) and I just felt overwhelmed because of that and other things going on and I said Lord, how am I supposed to cope when unexpected things keep coming up? I can’t prepare for the unexpected. Then I saw a smooth rock in the sinkhole and I picked it up, (don’t ask me why! I just felt like I should) it was covered in mud and I wiped the mud and it said the word “trust” on it! I don’t know where it came from, it was just there. Maybe it was buried and came up because of the sinkhole opening up. A rock could also be a symbol of Jesus, as He is our rock.

Here’s a Photo I took of the rock:



22 Oct:

I was driving my car with my son and was nearly hit by a huge truck. It was so incredibly close, it was terrifying. Something odd happened that makes me think the devil tried to kill us. We were at stoplights and I didn’t see when the light turned green because I was distracted and confused by the sound of a phone ringing. I know it wasn’t my phone, different ring tone. Noone else was around and no other phones around. I think it may have been spiritual and it wasn’t of God because it put us in danger. So I didn’t go straight away when the light turned green and this huge truck was going too fast and braking behind us and nearly plowed into the back of us. It swerved and passed us on the left, missing us by a few centimetres. Luckily there was enough room on the shoulder next to us. (If you’re confused, we are in Australia and drive on the left side of the road). While this was happening, the truck driver managed to blast his horn at me, wind his window down and yell at me and gesture out the window at me. He was raging at me like he was demon possessed and I hadn’t done anything wrong except for taking a little too long to go, which isn’t a crime. HE was the one that nearly killed me and my 12 yr old son because he was going too fast. Then further on, he pulled over, half on the road, to yell at me some more while I drove past. This put other drivers in danger too because he was half on the road and they had to swerve around him.

I believe the devil tried to kill us that day and God saved our lives. This relates to the message on the rock, “trust”. Trust God when things come up out of the blue! Everything is in God’s hands. The devil cannot kill us or do anything to us without God’s permission. If the devil has is way he would have killed all of us long ago, but we are all still here, which is proof of how God is always protecting us. It’s not my time to die, just yet!


24 Oct: Dream and word:

I had a dream, I was driving my car across some dirt into “Israel”. (It was a town with a gate and I knew it was called Israel). There was a man standing in the Israel gate motioning me to hurry. It seemed to be his job to help people safely cross over the dirt area into the town. I looked down at the dirt and started feeling scared, then a sinkhole opened up and my car fell back into it. The man got some other people to help pull me out. I looked back at my car and thought I would go back in and grab some things like my purse and phone. The man was telling me not to but I didn’t listen. When I went back towards my car, I slipped down into the sinkhole about 10 feet deeper than the car. The dirt was crumbling and I kept falling deeper. It was terrifying! I thought the earth might swallow me up. The people helped again by throwing a rope down, and I climbed out. This time I didn’t go back in. I knew at that point it wasn’t worth it. I reluctantly left all my things behind. I went into “Israel” with nothing but the clothes on my back.



I woke up scared because of this dream and asked Jesus what it was about. He said, ” you have to leave everything behind. Don’t hold onto anything. ” Then He said something else which He has forbidden me to say out loud or even type here. I think its a test to see if He can trust me to follow instructions.



Israel meaning: wrestles/contends with God. The man Israel aka Jacob literally wrestled with God.

I realised after I woke, that the man in my dream was Jesus. I was wrestling with Him in a way by not listening to Him. I was challenging His instructions for me. Thank goodness He kept helping me even after I didn’t listen. The people He told to help me were angels. In my experience this is exactly what Jesus is like, He is so forgiving and long suffering and doesn’t give up on us even though we let Him down over and over.

It was after I looked down at the dirt that the sinkhole opened. This reminds me of Peter walking on water. When he got scared, he started sinking. He needed to trust Jesus and so do I. Also when Jesus instructs me, I can’t look back like Lot’s wife did. I have to 100% follow orders without question. So I need to 100% trust Him.

Car = my body. What came to mind is that I have to leave my fleshy desires and fears and feelings behind. Also Flesh and blood cannot enter the kingdom. I have a feeling “Israel” in the dream was also God’s kingdom. To get to God’s kingdom, we have to leave behind all our earthly things. To see God’s kingdom now, we have to look to Jesus and His truth and not our own wisdom and desires. He knows what is best for us.


Part of being prepared for the rapture is being willing to leave everything and everyone behind at a moment’s notice. We have to be 100% sold out for Jesus. We have to love Him with all of our hearts and let nothing and noone else be more important than He is.

We may not be able to say goodbye. We have to trust that our left behind loved ones will be ok. We can help them by leaving emergency supplies and left behind letters and bibles. Just imagine if the rapture happened today: Are you ready for it and willing to drop everything? If not then you need to work that out now because we haven’t got long to go! 


God bless!


Our Tears are Diamonds in Heaven

2019 Oct 12 tears diamonds


Jesus was giving me diamonds and diamond jewelry. They sparkled so vividly. I said they are so pretty! Jesus said “you are pretty!” I wept. Then there was diamonds on my face. My tears had turned into diamonds. I was looking at them asking what does this mean? He said your faithfulness through your suffering builds treasures in heaven.

What Jesus meant is that my spirit, my treasures in heaven, are “pretty”. Our treasures in heaven are pretty, they sparkle more than diamonds. I have been crying a lot, every day over my suffering and my childrens suffering and all of the bride of Christ. I know you all are suffering so much, and I’ve been weeping and praying for help.

He sees us every time we suffer and cry and He is proud of us for staying faithful to Him through all of it. Our hearts like this are beautiful to Him. The world tells us we are worthless, but Jesus truth says the opposite. We are precious to Him and we are building treasures in heaven. The world sees the outside things, sees our struggles and judges us. Jesus sees straight to our hearts and souls and sees the beauty within each one of us.

Confirmation! I saw this picture on Netflix the next day and screenshot it! What are the odds?!!:


The wicked will attack you then call you weak when you are in pain and cry. But you are in fact stronger than them because you bear your pain and release it through tears instead of taking it out on others. They are the weak ones. It takes great courage and strength to have love and empathy in this wicked world. Your tears are beautiful!

Scripture about our tears:

You number my wanderings; Put my tears into Your bottle; Are they not in Your book? – Psalms 56:8

Those who sow in tears Shall reap in joy.6 He who continually goes forth weeping, Bearing seed for sowing, Shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, Bringing his sheaves with him. Psalm 126:5,6

“The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit” Psalm 34:18

Luke 18:7 KJV
“And shall not God avenge(protect) his own elect, who cry day and night unto him, though he bear long with them?”

“Do not lay up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy and where thieves break in and steal; 20 “but lay up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys and where thieves do not break in and steal. 21 “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. – Matt 6:19-21

3  “Blessed are the poor in spirit, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 4  Blessed are those who mourn, For they shall be comforted. 5 Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth. 6  Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, For they shall be filled. 7  Blessed are the merciful, For they shall obtain mercy. 8  Blessed are the pure in heart, For they shall see God. 9  Blessed are the peacemakers, For they shall be called sons of God. 10  Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 11  “Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake. 12  Rejoice and be exceedingly glad, for great is your reward in heaven, for so they persecuted the prophets who were before you. – Matthew 5

Update 19 Feb 2022: I found this scripture which confirms this vision!!!:

Thy cheeks are comely with rows of jewels, thy neck with chains of gold.

Song of Solomon 1:10


,I went to sleep thinking about the coming attack on USA and I woke up in middle of the night with a word: Manhatten. I didn’t know where Manhatten is except it’s in USA somewhere. I googled it, it’s in New York right where I had my dream of the submarine and torpedoes that start the war. I think Manhatten may be the exact place going to be the first hit. I’ve also seen the statue of liberty decapitated which is not far from there.

Update: Thank you sis Julia, I found God’s handmaiden video re Manhattan.. confirmation!

Visions, Russia attacks USA, Tabernacles

Visions, Russia attacks USA, Tabernacles


I had 2 sets of 3 visions recently. The first 3 were 3 nights in a row:


Sep 15:

Vision of a lion.

Sep 16:

Vision of a bear.

Sep 17:

Vision of a cornucopia.


I’ve prayed and God has confirmed to me that the lion and bear link to my previous dream of the lion (Jesus) coming and Putin attacking usa. Read it here.


Cornucopia definition:

In classical antiquity, the cornucopia, also called the horn of plenty, was a symbol of abundance and nourishment, commonly a large horn-shaped container overflowing with produce, flowers or nuts.


2 Oct: I was watching a video about the feast days and they had a picture of a cornucopia to represent the feast of tabernacles/Sukkot. This is the confirmation of what my vision meant. The Cornucopia I saw, means Tabernacles.

It makes sense, once we are with God, He will bless us abundantly. 

The feast of tabernacles this year is Oct 13th – 20th.


Scripture re cornucopia/abundance in our future:


Then I had another 3 visions.


2019 Oct 5 visions


1st Vision: I saw a bunch of upside down v’s. Like these:

Ʌ Ʌ Ʌ Ʌ Ʌ …

Except stacked on top of each other vertically.

I believe this symbolises Tabernacles. I had confirmation that an upside v means a tent, or home. So a bunch of them must be tabernacles. During tabernacles, the Israelites would built booths, which were like temporary homes and live in them for a week to remember when they wandered for 40 years and lived in tents, and they would feast to remember how God provided food for them.


2nd Vision: I saw a timer at 00:00. This means the time is up.


3rd Vision: I saw the number 8 outline being drawn. I believe this means Eternity, because of the way it was being drawn in front of me.


I believe these last 3 visions are confirming the Cornucopia vision. Our time is up. Our suffering is nearly over. We are going to “tabernacle” with the Lord for eternity, soon! Please let me know if you have any other ideas/thoughts on these visions. Thank you, God bless

Update 29 nov 2019: I had also noticed the cornucopia is also a symbol for Thanksgiving but didnt think much of it until now. Just saw this video by Adar, and she says tabernacles starts in Thanksgiving which is really interesting!:



Update: 8 could symbolize October. Octo means 8. I’ve also had a dream that showed October as the date of when the fallen Angel’s fall down.

Vision of vase, meaning: transformation, bride

Vision 9 Oct 2019

Jesus had oil on His hands and was shaping a clay vase on a spinning table. He shaped it into a “bouquet vase” shape. (I googled it!) When He was finished, it had turned into white crystal. Then I realised the vase is us and the crystal is us transformed by Holy Spirit. Oil = Holy Spirit.  White = purity = made pure. Why a “bouquet vase” in particular? Because we are His bride and brides carry flowers!!!


The precious sons of Zion, Valuable as fine gold, How they are regarded as clay pots, The work of the hands of the potter! – Lam 4:2

See also my recent vision about us being jars.


Hebrew words and Beast system dream.


1 Oct 2019 word: moehim

I heard a word from God: mo’ehyim. I’ve been saying it when praying in tounges and it stood out to me and it came up in my spirit. Then I heard “it’s the time of the mo’ehyim” and “the mo’ehyim is coming”. I don’t know if I spelt it right. It sounds like moedim, but with an H sound rather then D.


The word mo’ehyim doesn’t seem to exist, but it is Jewish or hebrew. I think it is a variation on the word moedim. Moedim means appointed times/seasons. Elohim ends with him or hyim. So it’s like a combination of these 2 words. So please help me out, if you know anything about hebrew. There are more Hebrew words at the end of the following dream that I need help with also:


2019 Oct 4 dream: future mark of beast system


4 scenes of what the world will be like during mark of beast system. What I noticed about all of them was how controlling the system is going to be and how it focuses on perfection. Absolutely narcissistic. Very cold and clinical. All the buildings were white and shiny, like on the movie “the host”. They were like whitewashed tombs. Satan appears as an angel of light. People will think the system is a good thing and those on the outside will be ostracised and homeless. They appeared to care about people. Get the mark so you can have free food etc. I had a previous dream that showed that the mark would be encouraged, then pressured before it would be enforced. So this dream lines up with that. They can’t force the mark on us.  There will be a point after this when they will put people in prison and behead them, who don’t get the mark.


Scene 1: I was in an old couples small apartment. I was trying to hide from police. I found under their bed, a trapdoor with a room underneath. Hidden in that room were things from the past, books, music and art. There was survival gear too, but it was old. I was looking through her drawings, they were of her own past, memories. She came in and told me please don’t touch those, please don’t hand them in and she was crying. It was against the law to have things from the past.


Scene 2: I was in a hotel, but it felt more like a prison. There was a large white snake sneaking up on me and my children while we slept. I was trying to kill it, then a crocodile (or alligator?) got it. I think the snake was satan. It was white because satan tries to be an angel of light. Not sure what the crocodile meant?


Scene 3: I was an intern at a news station, called “truth news”. Large building, everything white. The women that worked there all looked like models. They had enhanced bodies, like cyborgs. I was assisting the ones that were reporters. I said when can we go out and find a good story. They said we don’t do that. The boss hands them the story and they make a report on it. But noones supposed to talk about it. You get paid more if you keep it hush. You get fired and reported to police if you say anything. She was laughing about it. Then we went into a business meeting, but it was more like a court room with judges. They were choosing out the best employees based on how they looked. The one woman that was the best one dressed inappropriately on purpose, to rebel against the system and she got disqualified for how she dressed. So someone else got to be best employee. The women all loathed the system which rewarded beauty instead of intelligence. 

When I got out after work to my car, homeless people had trashed my car and they were threatening me. One guy had a knife. I remembered that I was dreaming and fought them off easily. They knew the “truth news” were liars and were protesting against it.


Scene 4: I went into a children’s playland place with inflatables, like an indoor playground. The foyer was all white but there was actually different colours in the playground. To get in people had to scan their right hand. I didn’t have the mark on my right hand to scan. There was a social worker/charity worker there, and she was giving me vouchers to go to places. The mark is for paying for stuff, so these vouchers were for people who didn’t have the mark to pay. (I didn’t get to see what the mark looked like). She encouraged people to get the mark. The vouchers were just to help them get by until they made an appointment and went in to get the mark. The vouchers were limited. For welfare payments, you had to have the mark.

There was another woman there who was working with her. She was sick. A doctor came in injected medicine to the back of her neck. She did it roughly like she didn’t care if it hurt and the woman winced in pain and put her hand over it. The doctor, I could tell, was evil, a demon in disguise. I could see it in her eyes. I knew in my spirit she had injected a tracking device in there without the woman’s knowledge. The doc gave me a nasty look as if to warn me not to tell her. I could see the doc looked on humans as if they were cattle to be owned and controlled. The doc had kits for giving people the mark. I looked at the labelling, it was the same labelling as the news station, the hotel and the police. Everything had this label. It was a one world government. I knew in my spirit this was the beast system. It was four words in Hebrew. I read them and when I tried to memorise them, God took from me 2 of the words. The 2 words I remember were shabbat chavad. Shabbat is Sabbath. I’m struggling to find the meaning of Chavad. So please help me out. It was definitely Chavad, not chabad.


I know the beast system will disrespect God’s Sabbath or change the day of it. Sabbath is one of the 10 commandments. I learned that from Ron Wyatt who found the original 10 commandments. I know they are bringing in the noahide laws. I haven’t studied much more about it other than that, so please help me out if you know any more about it or what those hebrew words could mean. Thank you. God bless.

Update: just noting that there was no other children at the playground place in dream. I did think it strange in the dream that there was no children whatsoever in the dream, except my own. But this lines up with the coming rapture of the children.

Also noting I had a thought that maybe the crocodile represents Australia. Maybe Australia will fight the beast system?

Also MUST see comments below! :

It’s almost over!

It’s almost over!


Dream 2 Oct 2019:

I was in my home and Jesus came to visit me. He went into a room and came out of it wearing brand new clothes (with the tags and labels still on!). I helped Him take the labels off. Then He smiled, and gave me a knowing look, said “it’s almost over”. Then He left and said He will be back soon. I noticed then that my house was a mess and got to work trying to get it clean before He comes back. It was an insurmountable task.

End of dream.


I actually didn’t realise it was Jesus in this dream until afterwards. He must have done that on purpose so I wouldn’t get excited and ask Him a million questions! I haven’t dreamed of Him for years!

I believe Him coming to visit represents when He came to earth 2000 years ago. When He went in the room is when He died. He came out wearing brand new clothes: alive in His glorified body! He left back to heaven, and will be back soon! My trying to clean is doing my best to clean up my sin and be good for Him. It is an impossible task to be completely clean on. our own. He appreciates the fact that we try though. We try because we love Him. But he never noticed the mess. He only saw that I cared for Him and helped Him. We can’t do it on our own. We need Jesus. He sees past our sin into our hearts. We got to keep our hearts fixed on Him. He is coming back soon! It’s almost over!


I got confirmation the next day, hearing this song. In the lyrics he says it’s almost over! 🙂

Torrential Rain, Lightning and Death

The following dream I had 4 weeks ago. I didn’t fully understand it and still don’t. But I’ve had a few confirmations over last 4 weeks about parts of the dream. So I’m sharing this dream now and hopefully you guys can help me interpret the rest. ( I don’t usually share stuff I don’t understand, but in this case there were a few confirmations). As always, when I learn more about it, I will come back on here and add edits. I always write edits at the end of posts and label them edits. God bless.


2019 sep 2:

Dream this morning: first there was heavy rain. It was so heavy it made holes in the rooftops and poured in everywhere. There was no getting away from it. There was also, what felt like, static electricity in the air. So much that I could float in the air. I was floating and drinking the rain water, it was fun. For some reason I was in a kings house in a village. The people were afraid of the rain and the king was afraid. (While I was floating), he said “why are you doing that, aren’t you afraid?” I said “no it’s harmless. You need to tell your people that everything is ok.” He was too scared to go outside and he just sat on his throne and put His crown on. His crown was made of cardboard and painted gold. I just thought what a faker, what a coward. He doesn’t care about his people.

Next scene: I was with my older daughter and a young girl that I had adopted in the dream. (Older daughter is agnostic which may mean something). We were playing in water on the beach. We had a bed in the water and would sleep on it in the water and look at the stars. I noticed either the sky was super clear or there were a LOT more stars in the sky. Then clouds came in and there was a huge thick lightning bolt, which went from the top of sky down to the ground and it was there continuously and it moved sideways fast around the sky, right to left, just this single lightning bolt. At this point I knew we needed to take shelter. Noone else seemed to notice it. As I was running with my daughters to shelter, I was warning the people. We ran through a park and people were just playing and flying kites in the park! I warned them. They ignored me. Then I saw death in the clouds. He looked like the grim reaper. The people saw him and then they screamed and ran. He was swooping down and killing people, only in particular people were supposed to be dead but had cheated death somehow. (I don’t know how that is possible??). I wasn’t scared of death because I knew he wasn’t coming for us. I got home, got inside and shut the curtains because my youngest daughter was scared. I told my daughters don’t be afraid and don’t open the doors or curtains. I went into another room where my husband was. I said “look out the window, do you see that?” (Death). He saw it and just said it must be some kind of Halloween thing and it wasn’t real.

End of dream.

There is a theme here of people being afraid of the wrong things, and not being afraid of what they should.

The rain I believe is the latter rains, when God pours out His spirit in all flesh.

I don’t know yet who the false king could be?

The static electricity: a couple other people had dreams describing this along with lightning when Jesus returns. There was also an incident in recent news where some mountain bikers walked into a bunch of static electricity and it made their hair stand on end. – a confirmation.

For as the lightning comes from the east and flashes to the west, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. – Matthew 24:27

I do believe I was facing east when I first looked up at the lightning.

The fact that people had kites was interesting to me, because that is a very dangerous thing to do in a lightning storm.

The younger “daughter” that I had adopted looked like a jehovah witness girl i know. I believe she represents jehovah witnesses who I will be looking after during the trib. I’ve had dreams about that before. My older daughter is agnostic, and so this gets me worried that she could be left behind. But at same time, I would be comforted by the fact I was able to protect her.

I wasn’t sure what to make of the “death” character. I thought maybe he could be the horsemen in revelations who is called death? Or could it be the angel of death in Bible that God sent out, who killed 185,000 men in one night? Are they the same person? I believe so. The New testament was originally written in Greek, so it makes sense to call these characters death and Hades, which is what Greeks called them. I believe they are fallen angels.

Please read this article about death and Hades, it’s really interesting!

Death and Hades in the Book of Revelation