The Hegelian Dialectic

Hegelian Dialectic:


Social movements are usually a push back against something. The momentum they create often pushes back too far which in turn creates another push back. It turns into an endless battle between 2 opposing sides which pulls nearly everyone into it. The media blow it up with propaganda on both sides of the issue and make it seem worse than it is. They will usually take the weaker side to build up the competition. People that are neutral about the issue get persecuted and pressured into taking the side of their peers. Or they simply fall into the side that benefits them the most. The government then gives a “solution” where they take control over the people. This is what the ruling elites planned all along. “Divide and conquer” and “order out of chaos”.

So for every political issue there is a polarizing of two different extremes, usually the far left vs the far right. People with “black and white thinking” take a side and refuse to see the complexities of the issues.

We need to rise above it by remaining neutral on these issues and keep exposing propaganda and sharing truth while showing love, empathy and understanding to both sides. I know it can be hard to have compassion when we have only seen one side of an issue, but we must rise above it and see the others perspective too. Each situation is complex and each of us has had different experiences and we need to be compassionate to one another. Let us not stereotype people. We are all individuals with unique past experiences etc.

People that polarise to one side: if we say anything against their side at all, even when its true, they will jump on us and say we are supporters of the other side. They just cannot accept that we could be neutral. Or they will say we are uninformed or don’t care about the issue. True some are, but then there are those of that do care deeply about the issue and have researched the issue and have just decided that its complex and we take the middle road. We have balance.

I thought about giving some examples of this but the political issues happening right now, people are so emotionally triggered by,  I won’t mention anything specific at this point.

We really need more leaders who are compassionate to both sides, who listen to both sides. But what is coming is the new world order, the antichrist, who will make false peace with both sides and rule over everyone. For now let’s have faith in God, He loves us all. God bless.

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