Our Pets go to Heaven

2021 May 22

Yesterday our beautiful black cat, Ebony, passed away. She had fluid in her lungs and had to be put to sleep. She was such a lovely cat who gave me love and comfort when I was feeling down and I will really miss her. My children and I have been in tears. I did try praying for her to be healed, but to no avail, but maybe that’s because it was her time to go.

I was telling my kids about a cat I had as a child that died in a similar way, his name was “cuddles”, he was fluffy, orange and white. And I said I believe our cat Ebony is in heaven with cuddles.  Last night I was praying for a sign that our cat has gone to heaven, even though I believe she has. I believe I saw Jesus holding her in my mind’s eye. Then this morning I was scrolling through instagram and this painting randomly came up and the cats on it look exactly like cuddles and Ebony! This was my sign, God is so good! 🥰

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPF73Y3n6ku/?utm_medium=copy_link

See also: https://youtu.be/ltTqMezsciM

ps please pray for us, we’ve been going through a lot of sickness , health problems and other issues. Thats why I havnt written here much lately. Thank you, I know you are all going through stuff too and you’re all in my prayers. God bless