Tsunami / Ark dreams

2020 July 7 Tsunami Dream:

Dreamed of a huge tsunami. At least 200 feet tall. It was ripping up trees and buildings. When it hit me I prayed for protection for my children and then for myself and covered my head as I was swept away. End


2020 May 29 Ark Dream 1
I was on a school trip to the ark museum and studied local archaeologists that had been there. I had a book about it. I was staying there with my children, we had a room on the ark.

Then I met one of them and recognized him from his picture in the book. (Bible). I said I know who you are and showed him his page in the book. He said he needed help. He struck me as someone who was very strong, muscular, but surprisingly very gentle with a soft voice. (Jesus!).

Next scene: I was with this man at the stop lights and we were painting cars with a high gloss finish. We painted a car with glossy red and the lights turned green and it sped away. It looked so good, so shiny. End

Archaeologists dig up old bones. The dry bones prophecy in Ezekiel is about transformation, getting new bodies! I think this man represented Jesus!

I believe He needed help with bringing in lost souls and getting them on the ark. He will cover our vessel / body with His blood. Red paint = His blood. It was glossy because we will shine like the stars!

This dream is a confirmation of the transformation! I believe He is also confirming the rapture of the children with them already being on the ark! (Reminds me I’ve had a previous dream of a school being on a ark). 🙂


2020 July 18 Ark dream 2

I was with my children on a large wooden boat, like the ark but it was inside a huge shed. There was a big earthquake and the boat nearly fell off the wooden stands it was sitting on. I got scared that there might be another earthquake and ran around the boat trying to find my children and get them outside. (That’s because I was taught that outside is safer so nothing can fall on you.) Someone said to me you’re safer in the boat. I knew then that outside was disaster. So we stayed in the boat.


2020 July 19 Ark dream 3
I was at someones house with my children and this person represents satan in my dreams. They started accusing me of things. Satan is the accuser of the brethren. I went to leave but then I couldn’t find any decent clothes in my suitcase. Then someone passed me some good clothes and I put them on. There was about 3 or more of these people who helped me and they were strong, wise and immortal. They were taller than us too. So I believe they were Angel’s. They helped me and my children get out of there. They took care of my children from that point on and one of them started training me to do what they do because I had now become one of them. (I believe the clothes represent transformation).

The angel taught me to make a raised pathway with these wooden planks and the way we did it was magical, I knew we used the power of Jesus and Holy spirit to make these pathways. The wood was permanent, immortal. While I was working, I saw someone who I know heading down a wrong path. He told me what I’m doing is wrong and I should be going his way. Then the wood broke on his path and he died. (He did die in real life not long ago as a devout jehovah witness. Jehovah witness is the wrong path). After he died he was shocked to see that I was right all along. He wanted to tell his family but it was too late, they couldn’t hear him because he was a ghost.
We continued making the pathway which led to a huge cruise ship. It was docked about to leave. I think this cruise ship represents Gods protection, His secret place. All the crew were dressed in white. There was a lot of children on this ship. Some bad men with guns dressed in black came onto the ship and were trying to stop it from leaving. The strange thing is, the part of the crew that was in charge were mentally disabled. They were like children in their minds. The bad men were trying to find who was in charge and couldn’t. They were saying “how do we stop the ship?” Everyone was saying they don’t know. They said to ask the mentally handicapped girl and she was eating icecream and she said “do you want icecream?” She was smiling and without a care in the world. They thought she was stupid and gave up and left. The cruise boat left the dock.

Then there were 3 pure white jet planes that shot straight up in the air from the cruise ship. They were taking all the passengers to another place in the sky. I thought they might be going to another planet or something. But after waking up I realised it was heaven: the rapture! As these jets went straight up they seemed to cause a tsunami and they also caused rainbow trails in the sky that spiralled upwards. It was beautiful.

Then this mentally handicapped guy said “come with me” and we went to a second cruise ship that travelled to the left of the first one. I was concerned about this guy because he was handicapped but I was told I could trust him. Anyway he went straight to the middle part of the ship and opened a panel and started attaching metal parts to it. I was very concerned at this point and said “what are you doing?” He was smiling without a care in the world. He started steering the ship with this thing! I was just amazed that he even knew how to do that. He steered the ship so it rode on the tsunami, just as the tsunami was about to hit the ship and it actually made the tsunami become smaller. So he had just saved countless people’s lives. Finally another white jet shot straight up like the other ones, carrying the passengers of this 2nd ship.
End of dream.
I think the jets represent different raptures. The crew were all Angel’s. I think the ones in charge appeared mentally handicapped, like children, because Jesus said to be like children.
3  …”Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven. 4  Therefore whoever humbles himself as this little child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. – Matthew 18

But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be. – Matthew 24:37


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6 thoughts on “Tsunami / Ark dreams

  1. Wow. A whole bunch of dreams and interpretations. It’s amazing. You seem spot on in the interpretations . I’m not good at interpretations. I can’t even remember my dreams, but I’m hoping that will change. I’m asking God if I should fast, and what kind and for how long. I want to get closer to Him and I think that will help.
    Great job Mel! Thanks for sharing these with us. Love you

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Fasting might help 🙂 it can be anything that you enjoy that you’re giving up for God for a period of time. I usually do vegetarian fasts, no meat, for a day or 2, it helps me to clear my mind. 🙂 you’ll get there. I’ll keep praying that He gives you a dream. You can ask for a specific dream or answer about something and dont stop asking until you get it. 🙂 love you too sis 🙏💖


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