Rib Coin 26

Image by Susan Cipriano from Pixabay

2020 Sep 14 Dream:

I was picking up my daughter from an art school and then driving home. We saw a couple of her friends doing art on the side of the road and picked them up too. They were all drinking coffee which was free from the school. Then we stopped at a cafe. My daughter said mum, can you buy 3 coffees. I said fine and I went up and ordered 3 coffees. I looked for coins in my purse to pay.

Amongst my coins there was a rib shaped coin. It was an Israeli coin with hebrew words on it on both sides. I tried to find out what year it was made. There were numbers that ended in 26. I dont remember the other numers, just the 26 which stood out to me.

I looked up the meaning of 26 and found this:

God made Eve from Adams rib (Genesis 2:21 – 23). He took Eve out of Adam. If we subtract the value of Eve’s name (19) from Adam’s (45), we get: 26!

Also 26 in strongs greek is agape / love.

The bible also calls Jesus the second Adam. Adams bride came from his side and Jesus bride also came from His side, when He was pierced for our trangressions.

Maybe the 3 coffees were a sign to wake up about who we really are in Christ. My daughter and her friends are unsaved, so they need to wake up. (Please pray for her to know Jesus! She is 16. thank you!)

If you have any other ideas what this dream could mean, please let me know. God bless

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8 thoughts on “Rib Coin 26

  1. Dear sister in Christ,

    This dream is very interesting. I wonder why you decided to share it now. I have a few thoughts:

    1. First 26 is the gematria value for God’s name, as mentioned above.
    2. You had this dream on September 14. You bought three coffees. Could these three coffees be three months? It seems certain of your dreams already perhaps pointed to December 14.
    3. Along the lines of what you mentioned, Adam “purchased” his bride with his rib; perhaps your purchasing coffee with a “rib” represents our Savior purchasing his bride.

    Also, when the Rapture happens, i believe it will “wake up” some people.

    Thank you for sharing these. It seems strange to think we may be very close to the Rapture, but he said it would come at a time when the world was not expecting it!

    I would like to encourage whomever is reading this also, that God spoke to me through a preacher that He is our “Source”. If we are trusting in other things to provide for us or to protect us, that is wrong; because He is our Protector and our Provider.

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    1. Wow! this makes sense! I really appreciate your help with the interpretations, thank you so much! I am very behind with posting my dreams because ive been going through a very tough time. I have a few more lined up that I will post asap. did you see my dreams with eclipses, Ive had a few of those. this eclipse on Dec 14 may be significant as you said. God bless you!


      1. I am sorry to hear you are having a difficult time at present. It is comforting in any case to remember that God works all things together for good for us who love Him and who are called according to His purpose.

        I did see two recent posts you made about eclipses. One of them seemed to be about a solar and a lunar eclipse, though; whereas there is only a solar eclipse this month i believe.

        I will plan to keep you and your family in prayer. May our God bless you and keep you!

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  2. Thanks sis! I didnt comment?
    Just for everyone’s info Strongs 26 is also Abigail which means my father is JOY.

    Abigail had a foolish carnal ex husband and she remarried her true husband King David – Jesus and also our true God ordained husband. (That is agape love!).
    Equally yoked ox who will plow together as they work in the harvest field of the world! (Strongs 363).
    Blessings xxx

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