Demons don’t have rights.

This has been weighing on my mind and I believe is important to share now. I hope to do more posts soon as I’ve settled into my new home now and will have more time.

Demons never have legal “rights” to hurt you. They have OPPORTUNITIES to hurt you. Be careful with the words you use and pick up from people. Saying demons have “rights” is wrong. Does a thief have a “right” to steal from you if you left your front door open?…no of course not. But he has the opportunity to do so. The devil comes to steal kill and destroy. How can he steal if he has a “right” to steal. He has no right to and will be punished for it when his time comes. Don’t give them more power than they actually have.
Definition of “right”: If you have a right to do or to have something, you are morally or legally entitled to do it or to have it.
Gods laws state: do not steal, do not murder etc. They have no right legally according to Gods law to steal from us. Therefore, they are breaking Gods law, which they have no right to do. It can’t be more clear.

The devil uses lies like this one to get into our heads, so its important to examine everything we have been taught and taken for granted. Praying for you all,
God bless

(Credit to R E Dossett on youtube for speaking about this subject. I don’t agree with all that dossett teaches, but he has many spot on teachings like this one that I haven’t heard anywhere else. I highly recommend checking out his channel.)

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5 thoughts on “Demons don’t have rights.

  1. You got it wrong sister and you are missing a very important lesson in truth. The Creator incarnated Himself in Jesus Christ in order to redeem us from the domain of darkness. We were sold to the Evil One and owned by it. We were abject cattle and slaves. A cattle owner can brand, fleece, vaccinate and slaughter his cattle by dint of ownership and the cattle has no say in any of it.. It is written that Satan has demanded to sift us like wheat
    and again, “You have sold yourselves to do evil”. We are colonized by darkness and evil and must be gradually cleansed and sanctified. When we sin, we sell ourselves to Satan who then obtains judicial access to violate us. There is no condemnation to those who live godly in Christ Jesus and Jesus saves us from this body of death but willful sin or more precisely, willful blindness will make shipwreck of our faith. Fear the Lord.


    1. Selling ourselves does not give the devil a right to mistreat us. Even slaves had right in Gods law to not be abused. The devil has no right, he only has the opportunity to hurt us even if he does own us.besides Jesus bought us back by redeeming us and we are forgiven every time we claim it. God bless


  2. Dear Sister in Christ,

    I have been thinking about this post of yours off and on since I first read it several months ago.

    Here is a thought I had about it:

    I have heard that English property law is (or was) based on the principle that fundamentally all English land belongs to the Monarch. All other people in the kingdom have a claim to their land only as a lease from the King or Queen.

    I do not know whether this is true, but it is interesting to think about. Regarding spiritual matters, though, it is clear that all created things fundamentally belong to God. Any rights that we as humans or spiritual beings have come only through permission from God. That would mean, as you say, that no one (angel or otherwise) has any right that permits them to trangress God’s law that we treat one another with love.

    All of us created humans do trangress this law more or less often, but God has promised us forgiveness through faith in Jesus.

    Nevertheless, to your point, I would agree that others do not have a “right” to treat us cruelly.

    May God continue to bless you and show you His goodness,

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    1. Thank you brother Travis, that is interesting about property law. I think the government’s we are under own our land too if I remember correctly. With the new money reset thing they are proposing, noone will own anything anymore, and they must have the legal right to be able to do that. But we know Gods laws are above the law of the land, and ultimately God owns the whole earth. In bible God gave land to the Israelites wherever they stepped on it. It’s all interesting to think about, thanks for your comment. God bless you


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