Vision: Python Spirit

2016 May 23


I had a vision of a HUGE python in front of me.

I did some digging on the python spirit and I came across this article and it is quite accurate to my situation. Check this out for a list of symptoms to see if you may be in the grip of a python spirit:


I was in tears reading through the symptoms. I had been suffering and fighting this my whole life and thought something was wrong with me. Other people always seem to have it so much easier. I’ve had more problems than I can write here, despite how much I’ve fought and conquered, new problems come up. It’s unbelievable what I’ve been through and continue to go through.


The python spirit constricts you by making your life so difficult that you can’t move forward without tremendous effort. Just as the snake wraps around and constricts its prey until it can’t breathe. That’s what I often feel like, like I can’t breathe. I get so overwhelmed with everything. Things keep happening to me to stop me moving forward. It’s like trying to walk in quicksand. Python stops us or at least slows us down from our God given callings.

You cannot simply cast it out, and believe me I’ve tried. Python gains control over us when we buy into its lies. We can defeat python by rebuking its lies and believing and declaring Gods truth. Bit by bit, as these lies are defeated, python loses its grip on you.


This is one of her videos that will walk you through it:


This has really been helping me to get breakthroughs. I am trying to be mindful of my thoughts and correcting my wrong thinking. It also helps sometimes to write it all out. Get your thoughts and your problems out of your head onto paper and work through them. Paula has books on python too which go deeper into this. Her books gave me so much confirmations!


There was a woman in acts 16 that was possessed with a spirit of divination aka python. Paula says Python is the false prophet, or satans false version of Holy spirit. Read her books to learn more.


25 sep 2018: I got a sign that python is still oppressing me: I was driving and thinking how it must be no coincidence that all my children are having issues that take up all my free time. As I was thinking that, I found myself looking at a picture of a python. It was a sign outside a reptile shop.


I’m still battling python. It seems like as soon as I conquer one problem, another pops up. The fight is so hard. 😥 It’s really hard to not fall into depression.


4 Oct 2018: After praying for help with python today, the Lord has just given me this scripture: John 15:1-17


The Lord is saying to me to abide in Him. I can’t defeat python on my own. I need Jesus.


To abide in Him we must obey His command to love and care for others. Python keeps us so wrapped up in our own problems we forget to look after each other! Thank you Lord.

The vision I had of the foot stomping down relates to this too! I have authority to stomp on serpents!

Please tell if you have battled python and what has helped. God bless


2 thoughts on “Vision: Python Spirit

  1. Hey sis..
    I remember when you semt me the Paula cross link and yes I could relate to alot of it too. Probably cried knowing me. It helps to understand doesn’t it? I actually haven’t said the prayer I don’t know why..but Father already sent me to a specific deliverance ministry. I’m not fully delivered yet but going by Tania Francis’ new beginnings word about healing at DNA level, it could be soon..worldwide!! The transformation! Bev potter shared a bit of a word that said when we are healed we will go and heal others. Maybe it will be like one big domino effect?


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