Wake up!

2020 April 12 Wake up!


I had a vision: I saw people sleeping. Someone was waking them up, first by a gentle nudge and a whisper, “wake up”, a couple of them woke up. Then they started shaking them and saying “wake up” with normal voice. A few more woke up. Then they shouted “wake up!” and started pouring buckets of water over their faces. So it seems God will gradually get louder and louder as time goes by. The shaking will progressively get worse for those not awake. God bless

3 thoughts on “Wake up!

  1. In a drean my oldest received, both my parents were sleep walking. In reality, they are at different stages of slumber- mum is born again but not fully awakened eg she says she will take the CV vax! And dad has been backslidden for many years. I believe by faith, both will be awakened in God’s timing for them. The same goes for all who we pray for
    God bless xxx

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