Angel’s playing flute and singing

2020 May 8 flute


This morning (May 8th)  I was woken by the sound of beautiful flute playing and woman singing. I have heard the flute before but not the woman singing. I heard the flute a couple times at my old house and also my current home. I had thought it was a neighbor at first, but not so sure after moving house and still hearing it.  

I mentioned it on a sister’s YouTube (Debbe) and she said she heard the flute and woman singing too!!! She also had someone comment in another video that they heard a flute! People have been hearing trumpets too. I believe this is the angels.

Then today, 11 May, my son was having anxiety attack and I prayed for him. He felt better then we both heard the flute!!! It was like a confirmation of his healing and confirmation that the flute sound is not just me imagining it as we both heard it!

Heres sister Debbes video about it:

Update 2020 June 24:

Woke up hearing a man singing, similar to when I heard the woman singing and the flute. They all sounded otherworldly, angelic and the sound kind of wafts on the wind like its blowing in on the wind. This time it was possibly African sounding. Humming type singing and it went something like this: wayum wayum waaaayum. And then repeated over and over. For a good few minutes even after I was fully awake. 

Update 17 Aug 2020: just heard a flute playing again this morning! I told Debbe and she said she heard it again last night!

Update: I heard it again after moving house again, so I’ve heard it at 3 different houses now! I heard it march 22 2021 at time 2.22, and 4th June and 9th June.

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