Mark of beast tattoo

I posted exactly one year ago today about the mark of beast being a tattoowith crystal tech, and just saw this article today, it’s no coincidence!

I think the whole point of the v¡rus is so they can push v@ccinations on us and the mark of the beast along with the v@ccinations. The bible says we will need the mark to be able to buy and sell. So I think its making sense now.  What I think will happen is they will quarantine everyone and then we wont be able to go out to shops to buy or sell without the evidence that weve been v@ccinated. They will say the mark is a safety precaution so noone spreads he coron@v¡rus. They already have plans for this called ID 2020. So is it a tattoo or a rfid chip? Maybe both. The tattoo makes sense, as its visible proof that someone has the rfid chip. Maybe they will be connected.


See also:

Please let me know your thoughts.

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