Obama Dream

This is the 3rd dream Ive had of Obama. He is someone I rarely think about but God is showing me these dreams for a reason.

2020 Dec 4 Dream: I was a child in a classroom at school. The teacher was Obama. All the kids liked him. But then, horns grew out of his head and the kids started gasping and whispering to each other. They were saying is this some halloween trick? Obama was cooking up something to share with the children. He had a big cauldron and while he was stirring it, his horns grew. I quietly prayed against it so his potion failed and burned. Obama looked at me with an angry look. Afterwards, his horns disappeared and the children were telling their parents who didn’t believe them. Obama came after me after class but I got away from him. end.

My first Obama dream

My second Obama dream

What do you guys think? Is Obama the antichrist? Or just someone who is possessed?

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3 thoughts on “Obama Dream

  1. I think he possibly could be for 6 years now

    2 days ago I was speaking with a friend and he said he had to leave his house because the obamas are renting it out this week – I remember thinking that’s creepy the Antichrist staying at your house

    Thank you – God bless
    Jesus returns soon
    Isaiah 43:19

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    1. wow! I would be creeped out too. what is extra creepy about him is that he comes across as a nice person, but you never know what someone is really like and what they are hiding. He could be a psychopath. They are really good actors. God bless you brother


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