I saw a “foothold”

18 April 2015

I was doing my nightly prayer of protection over my family and home and this time I actually prayed over the laptop screen next to our bed too. My husband had been watching violent movies on it which concerned me. Later that night I woke up and saw a large footprint on the screen, like a mans boot print. There was a flurry of spirits around me, black orbs (demons) and angels were fighting them off with swords. It was intense warfare. I prayed for peace and protection and then felt peace and went back to sleep.
The next day I was wondering what the bootprint meant and Holy Spirit gave me a word: “foothold”.
The bible mentions the word foothold in Eph 4:27: “and do not give the devil a foothold.”
Giving the devil a foothold is like giving him a way in or an opportunity to attack. We do this through things like unforgiveness, unrepentant sin etc. It could have been the violent movie or the fact we were downloading pirated movies. Later that day a post came up on my facebook saying that we shouldnt download movies because it is stealing! I repented straight away and never did that again.
Ive also heard since then that computers/phones etc can be open portals for demons. Its very easy for evil things, like porn for instance, to come through the internet even if we didn’t click on it, ads pop up without warning. When I anoint my home now I’m always sure to anoint and pray over our computers/phones/ipads as well.

Since this vision, I have had a couple of dreams of demons coming through screens and I’ve seen them in the tv screen. This really happens.


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