Setting the captives Free / Britney Spears

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2021 feb 20

I’m not a big Britney fan tbh but I happened to be watching a Britney Spears documentary back in February. There is a movement going on right now for her to be free from conservatorship that controls her entire life. She basically lives in a prison. Her abusive father controls her life, even though she is now an adult. Her family and others who are managing her conservatorship are all making money off her career. Check out her story, her life has been a living hell. She can’t speak to anyone without their permission and is forced medication amongst other things against her basic human rights.

I relate to her so much because I have often felt like I’m in a prison too as my life has been controlled and my rights denied. I am a victim of abuse which I may talk about at some point when its the right time. I havnt had it nearly as bad as she has though.

I found myself grieving for her and felt that God wanted me to pray. I prayed for Britney and I got attacked by powerful demons. I had to go into spiritual warfare and I lost a lot of sleep that night. It was personal for me too because the same demons want to keep me prisoner and hold me back from my heavenly calling.

I know Britney isn’t the only one this has happened to. There are lots of people going through that type of stuff. Human trafficking and relationship abuse, particularly against women, children, elderly and those with disabilities and anyone that is vulnerable. On so many levels, those in power seek to enslave the vulnerable in this messed up world.

I believe God is helping her to get free and it will also set a standard for many others who are stuck in similar conservatorships. The demons aren’t happy about this. Her case isn’t the first time I have heard of such a thing. I know personally of a few other people who have had this happen to them. All someone needs to do is pay a psychologist to say that the victim isn’t mentally stable enough to manage their life, then they get put under a conservatorship where the next of kin can control their entire life, usually a parent or spouse. I knew someone that got forced into a mental institution for believing in flat earth. It was here in Australia a couple years ago. I know of mothers who got labelled with psychiatric disorders so their husband could take custody of the children. Anyone can be forced into a mental institution at any time if a psychiatrist says they are incapable of giving consent.

It happens a lot but you don’t usually hear about it because they aren’t allowed to speak out about it.

All of our rights are being stripped away with all the c0v1d nonsense and soon they will try to imprison all of us too, for refusing to take the v.

The demon I saw takes power and control over people. I dont know its name yet, not that it matters. It had a human looking face and I only saw its face. It had a look on its face like it wanted to control me. This was the second time I’ve seen it. It manifests as authoritarianism too which is taught in most churches. Whenever someone seeks to take power and control over another. Its everywhere. The desire to control comes from fear. It also comes from pride. So it works hand in hand with those spirits. Jesus taught we are all equal in Christ and that we must serve each other humbly. He set the perfect example when washing His disciples feet. Whoever mistreats His little ones are not going to get away with it.

Please pray for britney and others who are captive, for them to know Jesus and be set free. Britney does profess to know Jesus. I dont know how close she is to Jesus, but i’m not going to judge her but just pray that she continues to grow in knowing Him. Be sure to armor up before you pray and always pray for protection over yourself and your family before praying against powerful demons.

Jesus came to set the captives free:

“The Spirit of the LORD is upon Me, Because He has anointed Me To preach the gospel to the poor; He has sent Me to heal the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to the captives And recovery of sight to the blind, To set at liberty those who are oppressed – Luke 4.18

6 thoughts on “Setting the captives Free / Britney Spears

  1. I was just watching Britney on news and I thought how sad it was the way she was being treated. She should be on top of the world, but her eyes show sadness, loneliness, hurt, ….you are right with all you wrote. I, too, have felt like her too. It happened awhile ago, more than 20 years, but it still aches deep inside. Even though the people who caused the pain in me are no longer alive, they still have a hold on me.
    People always tell me to stop living in the past. If I knew how too, I would not be back in that place. But I have not found a way to escape it. I have come a long ways, but still parts of me linger. I still cringe when I hear someone yelling. Even if it’s a joyful yell at a football game. Sudden movements make me flinch, expecting to be slapped or choked. I still can’t look into a mirror, without thinking I’m not worthy of love( having been told by so many people in my life)…And always apologizing for everything I do wrong, even when I’m not wrong. I prefer my own company to anyone else’s. Or I rather be around animals to humans. Because they don’t judge, only unconditional love. My trust issues is huge. I can’t tell you how many times I have been let down. And being used and then dumped has happened to me more than I care to mention. But….I suppose it made me who I am. And yet, so much of me is still lost.
    I think that is why I’m so absorb in the Bible. I love the characters portrayed there. I fall in love with Gods Chosen people time and time again. And every-time I read it, my love for them just grows.
    I love how every part of the Bible tells the Love story God has for us. And everything from Adam and Eve, to Noah’s Ark, to Moses and Gods people, to King David, all tell about that love in so many different ways.

    The world is going crazy, so seeing stories about Britney isn’t surprising. The world loves money. But the evil cannot Needs to be stopped. I, will definitely pray for Britney, and any other like her who is being thwarted from being the person God wants them to be.
    Thank you Mel, for yet another wonderful post. Sorry I haven’t been around. But I have been unwell.
    But I have always read your post.
    God bless you and your family
    Love , Donna

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    1. I understand sis, I feel like that too every day, I get scared when I hear someone yell or hear a child cry and I break down when I see injustices. I’ve lost trust in people too and don’t feel like I could ever get in another relationship again or make another friend. I’m a mess. But I know God loves us and He called us worthy. He’s going to avenge this world soon and give us back what was stolen. He will heal us from our trauma.
      Its really nice to hear from you sis. I’ll pray for you that you feel better and ill pray for strength for you. God bless you Donna


      1. Hi Donna and Mel
        I love yr hearts 💕 I get worried when I hear children crying. I’m so sorry.for all the.devil has put you under but we are.overcomers.
        I just had to share that a very very close friend also had trust issues and reacted badly when he thought.he was being threatened or attacked by another. Very recently, Father began to heal his old childhood and other wounds, spiritually and through dreams. It was a flow on effect if my being instructed to intercede for him, a 4 month process 4 him in total. He now trusts me fully 100% and is a new, changed person free from those chains. So have hope, Father will do it for you too! He will free us from all bondage amen
        God bless xx

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