Keys to understanding scripture


This is a good one to print and stick in front of your bible as a reminder…


Keys to understanding scripture


1: Pray for Holy Spirit to guide you. Pray for wisdom, revelation, understanding and discernment.


2: Read in context.


3: Read it according to the culture at the time of writing and the audience it’s being said to.


4: Look into original Hebrew and Greek.


5: The Law of First Mention: Go to that portion of the Scriptures where a subject first occurs, to establish the meaning of something. Scripture builds on past scripture.


6: There are many shadows of things in scripture, history repeating itself. Look for these patterns to deepen understanding about things.


7: Don’t cherry pick. When studying a topic, study ALL scripture on that topic. When you’ve interpreted it correctly, all the scripture on the topic will harmonize.


8: Pray to bind the devil/demons from hindering you or deceiving you when reading bible.


These things make a HUGE difference to the meaning of scriptures. Don’t follow traditions of men, find out the truth for yourself. God bless

Vision: the devil wants to snuff me out

2019 dec 22 Vision: the devil wants to snuff me out


First off, the other day I was inspired and recorded an audio about narcissism. While I was recording I was struck with a sore swollen throat and coughing. It came on so fast. I rebuked it in Jesus name and it left me!

Please pray for me to get these videos out. I’ve been trying to get them out for years actually and I’ve been severely attacked each time I tried.


Last night: I woke up to see this large bell shape thing coming over me. I felt like I was dying, so exhausted, I could barely stay awake to pray against it. I fell asleep then woke up again to see the same thing again. I felt like it was trying to muzzle me and thought of the scripture that says don’t put your lamp under a bushel. I rebuked it and prayed against it.


Today I was telling someone about the throat attack and my adrenal fatigue, and she was saying she had thyroid problems from narcissistic abuse and how it is essentially them trying to stop her from speaking her truth! (Thyroid is in the throat and thyroid problems are linked to adrenal fatigue. Both these illnesses are common among abuse victims.)


I realised the enemy is trying to snuff me out and stop me from talking, and I clicked that the huge bell shaped object is a snuffer. I googled snuffer and this is similar to what I saw! (But I didn’t see the handle part,  which I wouldn’t have been able to see from the angle I was looking up at it). I have the fire of God in me, Holy Spirit, and the devil wants to snuff me out, but no weapon formed against me will prosper!

Confirmation! 13 March 2020 I found this scripture :

A bruised reed He will not break, And smoking flax He will not quench, Till He sends forth justice to victory – Matthew 12:20



God is raising His army

Prophetic word 6 Dec 2019 God is raising His army


Behind the scenes God has been quietly raising an army and they are nearly ready! He has been calling them in recent years through visions and dreams and moving their hearts and waking them up. He has been teaching them, training them through trials. He has chosen the most humble people. Most of them are who you would least expect. Some of them don’t even know yet that they are part of His army because they don’t think much of themselves. God doesn’t want great skilled, talented people or popular or rich. He wants those with a humble willing heart, who love Him and love others. He shortened the tribulation to give these elect more time to come in and get ready.

Today He showed me something with urgency. It didn’t make sense to me until afterwards when He explained it to me and I’ll write it here with the interpretation together:

He faced west and cast His hand over the waters (people) and snatched up some water droplets and many flew upwards into the sky (raptured?!) ,and some he caught in His hand and He crystalised them (transformed?) and turned them into snowflakes. (His chosen ones for His army, made pure, white!) So beautiful. It was like He was refining and defining them. Every snowflake is unique. He formed them together into spheres. (teams) The snowflakes interlocked perfectly like a puzzle. They solidified like this and were strong unbreakable like a weapon. Jesus cast them over the waters sending them out every direction, then breathed fire through them. (Holy Spirit) The spheres are like teams in His army. They are over the whole world, in each city and town, positioned, nearly ready to go. He is going to gather them into the groups that will work together in unity, sharing their different giftings. Some have already met each other. The ways they will meet together, often by divine appointments is something only God can do. No man made religion can compare. They are the firstfruits and will bring in the great harvest. Don’t worry whether you are one of these or not. It doesn’t matter. No matter what, Jesus has a special plan for each of us since the foundation of the world.

His instructions: keep your eyes on Jesus. Spend time alone with Him and stay close. Encourage each other, take care of others,

God bless 


Straight after receiving this message I asked for confirmation before posting. I went on Facebook and see this word which is very similar!


But God has chosen the foolish things of the world to put to shame the wise, and God has chosen the weak things of the world to put to shame the things which are mighty; and the base things of the world and the things which are despised God has chosen, and the things which are not, to bring to nothing the things that are, that no flesh should glory in His presence. – 1 Cor NKJV

There is so much more scripture about these things which I’ll add later. I just had to get this out now.  There also so much confirmation of previous dreams visions that I’ve had. When I start off thinking this is weird Lord, what are you showing me? It always seems so random until I get the interpretation. The Lord just always blows my mind. Praise God! Please comment your thoughts. God bless