Bride/ Transformation dream

2019 feb 15 bride / transformation dream

I was getting ready for a wedding, for my wedding. I don’t remember who I was marrying or what he looked like, but I remember that it was right, I had peace about it, and it made sense to me in the dream. (I know now, it was Jesus) I put on a long white dress and pinned up my hair real quick.
I was in a laundromat while I was doing this and mine and my childrens clothes were washing. When I was done getting ready and the washing was done, I saw my old friend had her and her kids washing going and the machines were stuck and I bumped them for her to get them going again. She wasn’t even there to look after it. I think this represents baptism and making ourselves clean ready for Jesus. My friend represents the foolish virgins who weren’t ready, which is fitting if you knew her in real life. I tried to help her.
Read Ephesians 5:26-27!:
26 that He might sanctify and cleanse her [the church] with the washing of water by the word, 27 that He might present her to Himself a glorious church, not having spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but that she should be holy and without blemish.
I was in a hurry through whole dream to get to my wedding. As I ran out of the laundromat I saw a row of gravestones right outside the door. I paused to look at one in particular which had a door that swung open and it had the number 17 inside. I thought I must remember that. That is a number I have been seeing a LOT lately and a good friend told me it means victory over death as Jesus was resurrected on Nissan 17. God has also shown me it means life. So this part of the dream could mean the resurrection of the dead either literally or spiritually via baptism. The door opening on the gravestone is like the stone being rolled away on Jesus tomb and it was empty just as Jesus tomb was empty. Each gravestone also had a letterbox next to it which means a message. The message is the gospel: John 3:16.
Then I ran into the car park and my old car was gone and there was a new white Lamborghini there for me. I remember people/angels? telling me to get in, and basically shoving me into the car and I trusted them, and was happy to. I knew them somehow. There was no time to ask questions, so I hopped straight in and started to drive. This is the coming physical transformation! A car represents our vessel, our body! Those people must be angels that assist with our transformation.
Then I saw my old friend in the car park, she was driving her bomb of a car and she was asking me for help. I somehow reached out and touched her car while still in my car and somehow that fixed it a little bit so she could keep going, but it wasn’t completely fixed. I felt sorry for her and said I can’t do anymore because I knew I had to leave right away and it was up to her to sort out the rest. I think me touching her car was me praying for healing for her, but I can’t save her, only God can do that and only when she goes to Him herself.
Read: Matthew 25:8,9

the foolish said to the wise, ‘Give us some of your oil, for our lamps are going out.’ 9 But the wise answered, saying, ‘No, lest there should not be enough for us and you; but go rather to those who sell, and buy for yourselves.’
Imo in that scripture ^ the “seller “ is God and it means they need to go to God for themselves rather than relying on others to stand in the gap for them forever.
I also learned from this how you can’t do someone else’s washing for them so to speak. You can’t repent or get baptised on behalf of someone else. It doesn’t work. You can pray for them, help them, show them Gods love, tell them the truth. After that it’s up to them. Leave them in Gods hands and trust that He will look after them when it’s time for us to go.
Then I left, heading off to my wedding.

I noticed on the way that I could see straight through people, as in I saw their soul, not what they appear on the outside. For example people that are good looking on the outside, but are bad people, look ugly on the inside. So I saw them as ugly.

We will be able to see what is true, very clearly, after our transformation. Discernment is one of the gifts of the spirit.
End of dream

Edit: after this dream I told my friend of the dream, and he pointed out that lamborghini starts with “lamb”. Jesus is the lamb! Praise God!

Jesus in the Field/ Ark

2019 feb 12 Jesus in the Field/ Ark
I went into the spirit this morning to see the Lord, as I do sometimes, and as I was flying, I noticed that I had on a beautiful flowing white dress. (I never had this before). 2nd unusual thing, He wasn’t in heaven, He was in the field. I was so surprised because I had come to worship as usual. Him being in the field immediately made me think of Elul. I said is this a clue about rapture? He opened His hand and showed me a miniature ark. Then we were surrounded by various zoo animals. I knew they weren’t going to fit on that little ark. He knew what I was thinking, and we laughed. It was amazing, they were beautiful. I love animals! They were tame and we could pet them. I petted a zebra. I remember the zebra the most vividly. I hugged Him and said I love you papa, as I usually do, and He hugs me back and I left.
After this I saw a video of a true sister and in her video description she says “Jesus is coming, get in the ark!”.
17th feb: Praying for more understanding, He revealed to me that logically, He would be in His field when it’s time to harvest. The barley harvest comes first, which is when we are transformed. We will be kept safe during tribulation just as Noah was kept safe in the ark.
I just realized after watching a video today about Jesus “stripes” that heal us, it relates to the zebra!!! That’s why the zebra stuck out to me in the dream!!! The stripes relate to transformation!

Here is the video:

Word on Authority

2019 feb 7

Word from the Lord today on Authority, and why praying doesn’t always work:

So this was actually right before the experience with the ants in my last post, I had forgotten about it sorry!

I was thinking: how can I have strong faith when God doesn’t always answer prayers and people aren’t always delivered/healed when we pray.
Jesus gave us authority over the enemy, but anyone with a deliverance/healing ministry knows that when we pray for non believers it’s more likely to work than if we pray for christians. Why?
God told me today “it’s because of their authority”.
Non believers have no authority over the enemy, so we have all the authority over the enemy in that situation and it’s more easily done. A second reason I can think of is that sometimes God is using the healing/ deliverence as a sign, so that they will believe.

Believers generally dont need a sign, and they have authority of their own over the enemy. So, when they have given permission to demons to stay, we may not be able to cast them out. They are usually unaware that they have given permission, so we need to help them figure that out, if they are willing and they would have to renounce it. And I’ve always believed that a believer can cast their own demons out better than anyone else, because they have the authority to, but we all need help sometimes. 2 or more are stronger. But some aren’t willing to self examine and figure out how they are giving permission to these demons. They just want the easy way out with no effort on their part and will go to one deliverance meeting to another always hoping for instant healing/deliverance, when the answer is within them the whole time. Or maybe the demons do leave but because they are continuing in the sin or false belief that allows the demons to come back, their deliverence just never lasts very long.

I remember praying for deliverance over my son over and over and nothing happened. When I finally got him to pray too, together with me, he was instantly delivered. He was only about 10 years old, but he is a believer and so maybe because of his own authority, he had to come into agreement with my prayer.

In saying all this though, every situation is different and God has His reasons sometimes that are a mystery to us. But I will keep trying and keep learning. Please share with me what you have learned, God bless

Lessons in Faith/ Authority/ Dominion

2019 Jan 28:

I asked God for help with my problems that I’m going through and He gave me this scripture:

Ephesians 3:7
according to the gift of the grace of God given to me by the effective working of His power.


2019 Jan 29:

I went to sleep praying for more wisdom and asked God to teach me more. The next morning I woke up speaking this Word from God:

“a chosen one is a vessel”

I know our body is our vessel and our body is a temple for Holy Spirit, at least those of us who are born again. We have the same Holy Spirit, the same power in us, that Jesus and His apostles had in them.

This strengthened my faith and I prayed for justice for something that day and my prayer was answered, immediately, the second I finished praying, I looked at my phone, expecting the call, the phone rang immediatly with the confirmation. My prayer was answered. I won’t share what it was here because it was personal.

I asked God for more opportunities to use my faith, so I could get stronger and He did…


2019 Feb 4 I had a prophetic dream:

In my dream, my oldest son woke up and said he just had a prophetic dream. He said 3 bad things were going to happen, then 2 good things. I don’t remember what the 2 good things were. I felt like this dream was important and wrote it down.

During the week after this dream I was attacked 3 times by 3 different people and my children were also each attacked in different ways. Not physical attacks but things going wrong and people treating us badly. It was intensely stressful, especially with it happening all at once. It was an obvious spiritual attack from the enemy, satan. I know now that this was something that God allowed to happen to teach me. I took authority over these things in Jesus name and they were all resolved within a week.

Maybe this was the first good thing. The second may be the experience I had next…


2019 feb 7 Dominion over the Animals:

In my backyard there are lots of ants. I live in australia and the ants here are merciless. They were attacking me whenever I hung out my washing. They would swarm and bite me like crazy. I would get itchy bites all over my feet. This had been going on for sometime. I tried wearing socks/pants, they would just crawl up and bite me up top. I tried putting insect repellent on my feet, they didn’t like that but didnt stop them. I tried sprinkling borax around the walkway, they didn’t care. I would have to run, hang up washing fast and run away and slap them off my feet. Lol it was ridiculous.
I said Lord why do I have to put up with this? We have dominion over the animals, right? I tried praying and they didnt stop.
Then I remembered in pastor Bruce Allen’s book (Gazing into Glory), he said he would “release the glory”, and then mosquitos would leave him alone. I tried that too, it didn’t work. I asked God why? He said “take off your shoes.” Then I immediately remembered moses having to take off his shoes when he stood on Holy Ground! So I took off my shoes and prayed for His glory on the ground and touched the ground. It worked! There are still ants and they mostly leave me alone. They sometimes walked over my feet peacefully, but never bit me again. I tested this out a few more times to be sure and not one bite! They actually moved their trails since then, to go around the area where I hang my washing. It is incredible to see!

We have been given dominion over the animals. I’ve had a few times before where I got barking dogs to calm down. Whenever I meet other people’s pets, they like me. Even pets that usually don’t like strangers. Please tell me your stories of animals. 🙂