Tribulation is a gift

Something I used to wonder about, is why God has made it so hard for the average person to find Him and have faith. Only very few find the narrow path. But I realise now that He made it that way because for one, He doesnt see any of us as average. He is love and love hopes all things. He hopes we will all find that narrow path. And also, the rewards are greater for those that do and He wants to reward us fully. Many are called but few are chosen. Those few of us that overcome are going to have the honor of being His harvest workers. Ive said it before but I’ll say it again. The harvest workers are few but the wheat harvest is great. The ones that come “through” tribulation no man can number. The time we are living in now is a test for the harvest workers. The tribulation is a test for the great harvest. Why else would God bring tribulation? Tribulation is not wrath. Wrath comes after. Although it will be painful and scary for those left behind, Tribulation is a gift. Its giving people a second chance. That is the bigger picture. Tribulation comes from the word tribulum, a tool used to crush wheat. The hard hearted wheat need this to get through to them and wake them up. So once God has gently sifted out His precious first fruits, the next phase is sifting the wheat: trubulation. It makes sense. Everything God does makes sense. Everything He does is so the highest amount of people possible will get saved. Everything He does is for love.
I’m not sure where I was going with this but it’s so much burning in my heart to talk about this today. I guess I wanted to clarify these things.
God bless

Deuteronomy 4.30:

When you are in distress, and all these things come upon you in the latter days, when you turn to the Lord your God and obey His voice

4 thoughts on “Tribulation is a gift

  1. What a beautiful definition. I am so blessed to know you, even if it’s just through online. Your heart radiates. And your knowledge of dreams and visions, plus gods word is amazing. I love every post you do. Thank you for this post especially. I needed to hear it today. God bless you Mel.

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  2. Love it thank you sis xx
    I was told i was chosen in the personal word received through Tania and she quoted “many be called but few are chosen”. When I became unsure and asked for confirmation, the Lord kept putting in front of me that verse 👐

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