Obama dream

21 Dec 2016 Obama Dream

Obama was the principal at my children’s school. I came to pick up my kids and caught him taking stuff out of their bags. Like their lunch and homework. He had a clipboard with a list of stuff he was going to do to give my children a hard time and get them into trouble. I stopped him and took my kids and started walking home. I remember he kept smiling, trying to charm me, but I saw that he was evil. He followed us, along with his bodyguards and another guy that looked like him who he was controlling, like a slave. I knew the slave obama was the real original obama and the one controlling him was like a clone or something and the clone was possessed by the antichrist. I sent my kids home and started doing spiritual warfare against him. He laughed. I remembered that I can’t defeat him, Jesus is going to defeat him. I felt sorry for the real obama that he was controlling (he was almost dead), so i commanded him to release him in Jesus name, and he did. I also told him to leave my family alone in Jesus name and he looked annoyed at me and left.

This reminds me, I had an earlier dream where I visited the white house and obama and his wife were asking me to pray for them. I got the sense that they were way in over their head and wanted out somehow. It was really strange. I felt sorry for them and prayed. They were in tears thanking me.

People say this person or that person is the antichrist but really they are all just puppets for the antichrist. The antichrist will be a false version of Jesus with signs and wonders. There is no one that fits that profile yet. Don’t underestimate satan’s deception. He has decoy antichrist puppets like obama to distract us. When real antichrist comes, many will think he’s Jesus.

I think the reason he was the school principal in my dream reflects what I have been going through here in australia. The government and schools are part of the antichrist system. My children have been bullied by students and teachers and the school system has bullied and threatened me. School is compulsory and you have to answer to them if your child’s attendance is low. I’ve been going through battles with my children’s schools over this.

They are gradually taking away parents rights. They also cut family support payments here if you don’t vaccinate your children. I’ve been struggling for money because of this. Its actually illegal what the government is doing.

And don’t get me started on the family court system. It’s terribly corrupt, taking children from loving parents and giving custody to abusive parents or foster parents. I’ve learned when dealing with the government or court or police, spiritual warfare helps a LOT! Look into the origins of the court system and you will see how satanic it all is. Don’t forget Gods kingdom has authority over and above the beast system! If you have to go to court for something, use His authority for His will to be done in court. His will is for justice and if you’ve done wrong and repented, He forgives you! God bless


4 thoughts on “Obama dream

  1. No Obama is the Antichrist Daughter of God. The most lawless man ever who became president on fake birth cerificate USA. Soon Obama will be back Obama is a reptilian he can take any human looking form or whatever he wants he can for sure look when he is activated as a false Jesus. People are not saying Obama is the antichrist God of Bible is saying Obama is the antichrist son of perdition who will rule the evil from Europe.
    Bible does not speak about antichrist as a false Christ but a man of evil son of perdition but yes it is likely he will when activated shapeshift to look as a false christ.
    Bible, Gods Word, warns:
    “By Stealth and fraud (lies) he (Antichrist) shall seize the kingdom (proberly USA and also later Europe). Daniel 11:21″
    Obamas wife is a man Michael transvestite their children is adopted all with obama is a lie.
    Barrack Obama USA is the Son of Satan Beast 1 but Second beast and Father Satan dragon and Satans Spirit is also.

    Prophet JSL:

    “Received 10/22/13 The Lord asked me to share this today 11/17/13 Transcript : Barak Obama is about to be revealed. His kingdom will reign for a short time and then he will be sentenced. The time in which to come will be a harsh evaluation of the times in which you live. Many will rise saying they have the answers but BO will be given the stage for a short time to come. He will play a part in deceiving man and making Him believe the lies of his father. Troublesome though it may be he will deceive the masses of this once great nation. People will believe he cares for their soul but will soon see him for who he truly is. None shall escape his power and reign. All will be turned over to him. He will arise out if the chaos and claim his seat among the nations. He will be victorious but only for a short time to come. (After my doubt) NO! It is I your Lord and savior. I speak with knowledge and authority. I am all knowing. BO is the AC and he will reign upon this earth as the son of the one who deceived them all. He is the one spoken of in My word. He is the man of sin. THE LORD IS COMING SOON!! PREPARE THE WAY!!”

    Be blessed not people but Yahweh God has declaired Obama is the antichrist.

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