Vision: the devil wants to snuff me out

2019 dec 22 Vision: the devil wants to snuff me out


First off, the other day I was inspired and recorded an audio about narcissism. While I was recording I was struck with a sore swollen throat and coughing. It came on so fast. I rebuked it in Jesus name and it left me!

Please pray for me to get these videos out. I’ve been trying to get them out for years actually and I’ve been severely attacked each time I tried.


Last night: I woke up to see this large bell shape thing coming over me. I felt like I was dying, so exhausted, I could barely stay awake to pray against it. I fell asleep then woke up again to see the same thing again. I felt like it was trying to muzzle me and thought of the scripture that says don’t put your lamp under a bushel. I rebuked it and prayed against it.


Today I was telling someone about the throat attack and my adrenal fatigue, and she was saying she had thyroid problems from narcissistic abuse and how it is essentially them trying to stop her from speaking her truth! (Thyroid is in the throat and thyroid problems are linked to adrenal fatigue. Both these illnesses are common among abuse victims.)


I realised the enemy is trying to snuff me out and stop me from talking, and I clicked that the huge bell shaped object is a snuffer. I googled snuffer and this is similar to what I saw! (But I didn’t see the handle part,Β  which I wouldn’t have been able to see from the angle I was looking up at it). I have the fire of God in me, Holy Spirit, and the devil wants to snuff me out, but no weapon formed against me will prosper!

Confirmation! 13 March 2020 I found this scripture :

A bruised reed He will not break, And smoking flax He will not quench, Till He sends forth justice to victory – Matthew 12:20



9 thoughts on “Vision: the devil wants to snuff me out

  1. I think the answer should be….”Continue On!”… have taught me this, my sweet Mel. If you are under attack, you must be doing all the right things, and satan is running scared. He knows he has but a little while before game is over. And we know how this story ends. We are the champions!. God bless you Mel, and your sweet family too. And Merry Christmas , my friend. We fly soonπŸ•ŠπŸ’žπŸ™βœοΈ

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  2. Wow I have prayed for you now sis. May you be protected by the blood Of Jesus and the Angel’s assigned to you so the recordings can go out as God wills.
    That’s very interesting re thyroid and fatigue because Jacky Julyan also has fatigue issues.
    Look forward to your vids
    God be with you always xx

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  3. Hello Daughter of God,
    I was led to your website as I frequent the 444 prophecy news site almost daily to see what others dreams and visions have been about. I clicked on this because the title grabbed me as I too am targeted by the enemy. It seems every time I pray for someone who has the Jezebel (narcissistic spirit) I am attacked heavily. Just last week I was praying with a believer about a narcissist (my spirit tells me she is so) and when I got back to the house this demon literally tried to suffocate me when I was in the shop trying to help my uncle find something. He is up there in years and I felt it was important that he find what he was looking for. I could breathe out but this demon was blocking my esophogus from breathing any air in. It came on so suddenly!! After about 30 seconds I rebuked it, but I struggled for a few minutes to find air!! It was really scary!!! I tried calling out to my uncle to dial 911 but he could not hear me because I had no air!! I have been attacked by nasty jezebel before but this was the worst attack. Another time I prayed for a sister who was a victim of sexual trafficking abuse and now she is in her 50’s still trapped int he cycle of sexual sin. But I was praying deliverance over her. After I got off the phone I was demonically attacked by (I was shown later by HS it was jezebel) and I thought someone was trying to pop my head open I had the worst migraine. But it felt as if someone was squeezing my head. I could go on to tell you more stories!!! I have had many attacks by witches and their spells and curses. The only thing I can think of is satan hates me and wants me out of here. I am a victim of a lot of narcissistic abuse and only in the last few months have I even learned what narcissism is!! I have committed my life to the Most High and I have been told and have obeyed to come out of Babylon, which includes the churches. Anyways I have an amazing testimony and have decided I have a mission to fulfill so until I fulfill it the enemy cannot take me out. Plus I long to go home… I am very weary with this life and all the battles I have been through. I just wanted you to know I know what it feels like to be persecuted by satan. Bottom line we have authority and I believe those who know it and battle him are the real threats to his kingdom. Why else does he hate us so? One day we will know who we truly are and what we carry. We have weapons but we must be diligent to use them!

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    1. Wow thank you for sharing this! I am a narc abuse victim too and still haven’t been able to make the videos about it. I was just thinking about it again this week and this is like a confirmation for me to give it another try. God bless you! I’ll be praying for you πŸ™πŸ’ž


      1. Sis!
        Please email me if you feel led to.
        I believe this has to do with our generational curses still oppressing us through Jezepoo. This principality has persecuted me all my life so I believe it is a high principality and I believe it is specifically assigned to the sons and daughters of the Most High. I have been thinking about this horrible attack since I had it a few days ago. I think there is still a generational curse and open door there. So, last night I began to do some renouncing and breaking off strongholds I have recognized still at work and I renounced witchcraft and occult and Jezepoo’s kingdom because I believe she is over the witches. I found out to cast them out we must curse them at the root, renounce, repent, and slam the door!! So, I encourage you sis to do this. I have seen a pattern of the “Sons” of Light getting attacked by this wicked prinicipality. Sadhu has mentioned that this principality attacks the Prophets. But I do not go by this title nor do I think I am one. Please seek Abba’s face with me for your deliverance and mine. I was also shown by Holy Spirit to take communion often as this breaks off demonic attacks. I am very interested to learn more about what you have leanred about Narcisists because I think it just describes the principality Jezepoo.

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      2. Ah yes! Just as jezebel attacked Elijah. Lol I love the name jezepoo better πŸ™‚
        I found in my studies that narssists are all through the bible, beginning with satan the father of all narcissists. There is a couple good christian channels i follow one of them is called smackintosh. He is really good, he brings out a lot of the scripture that’s about narcissists. Start there. I hope to share my studies soon. I will be praying for you, God bless you


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