Pentagon will be attacked

2022 Feb 21 Vision: I saw the pentagon with holes in it and damage from an attack.

I googled the pentagon to refresh my memory of what it looked like and was reminded of how it was attacked before, when 911 happened. Ive been getting signs of 911 lately and so have friends of mine. I believe this could happen soon along with manhatten being attacked, which Ive dreamed of before. Click here to see that dream. Also click here for the confirmation I got re manhatten.

I asked for confirmation re the pentagon and God gave me this scripture:

For, behold, the LORD commandeth, and he will smite the great house with breaches, and the little house with clefts. – Amos 6:11

I looked up the meaning and found this: “The great house” refers to the noble or wealthy family in society, and these “big names” will certainly be destroyed along with the common folk. The rich and powerful will not be able to escape the dreadful punishment God promises. God makes it clear that He has given the command to destroy them. Usa is known for being rich and powerful, and β€œgreat”. Their arrogant pride will be brought down soon.

Re judgement of usa

Also re judgement of usa

Also watch this short video, Manhatten might be attacked soon:

Praying for the innocent in usa. As always, take to the Lord for discernment, God bless.

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7 thoughts on “Pentagon will be attacked

  1. Amen! I need prayer sister for protection and deliverance. I had a powerful dream last night of casting a demon out and I need to discern clearly the purpose of the dream and whether it was from Jesus or not. God bless you!

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    1. Hi brother, I am praying for you. I think this dream is a good thing. Ive had many dreams where Im casting out demons. Sometimes these type of dreams are real demons and we are actually casting them out. sometimes they are for training, or sometimes they are prophetic of things we will be doing in future. Im praying, God bless you Asher


  2. Dear Sister in Christ,

    Thank you as always for sharing your dreams and what you hear.

    A few thoughts about this post and the previous ones you referenced about the US and Russia:

    1. In a previous post you referenced a bear and a lion (the Lion of Judah). The Lion of Judah would seem to be more associated with Israel than with the US. Do you know that there is a prophecy in Ezekiel 38 and 39 that says that in the later days a coalition of nations, led likely by Russia, would attack Israel; but God will fight for Israel and the attacking army will be destroyed?

    2. In one of the previous posts you mentioned a cornucopia (representing the feast of Tabernacles or the Thanksgiving holiday), tabernacles, and the number 8 (maybe representing October). It is interesting that this year the first full day of the Feast of Tabernacles is October 10, which is Thanksgiving Day in Canada.

    3. Amos 6:11, which you quoted, mentions a “great house” and a “little house”. It is interesting that among some people opposed to the US and Israel the two nations are considered together, with the US being the “great” and Israel being the “little”. Perhaps both the US and Israel will be attacked, but the US will be greatly damaged (‘breaches’) and Israel only a little (‘clefts’) because God will fight for them.

    As I live in the US (but in the central part), I will plan to pray that God might show me if there is some way I should respond to these things.

    May He bless you and keep you and yours,

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    1. Thank you Travis! This is really interesting and I appreciate it as always, because Im still learning about all this and will always be learning until we go home. πŸ™‚ Jesus is the Lion of Judah when He opens the seals in Revelation 5.5. I havnt done much study on gog and magog yet, but you could be right about this being russia. I believe that jerusalem is babylon and usa the whore of babylon, but i know its more complex than that as I think they are spiritual strongholds within those places. God has instructed some to move but if He hasnt told you then I wouldnt worry about it. He can protect us wherever we are. Praying for you, God bless you, Mel


  3. Dear Sister in Christ,

    I hope you and your children are doing well. I was just thinking that it is interesting that you had this dream about an attack on the Pentagon only a few days before the Russian invasion of Ukraine. As things are now, it seems like a realistic possibility that Russia could decide to attack the US and / or other Western nations. I pray that this not happen and that the leadership of Russia would have a change of heart and give up their acts of agression. It does seem, though, that powerful forces in the West are somewhat “backing” Russia “into a corner”.

    I pray to the Father that all these things be mightily used to convict the world of sin and bring repentence and new life through faith in Jesus to many, many people.

    Our God bless you and those who read this and who love Him,

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