Dreams of a 2nd Earth /moon/sun

I have had a series of dreams across years that have a second earth, and/or moon and/or sun that were getting closer and closer to us as time went by. I also have a theory about what it means which seems to have been confirmed by the most recent dream. Maybe you guys can help me make sense of it. Ive put it all together here:

9 Jan 2016 Dream: I saw what I thought was the moon. I noticed it was too small to be the moon then I noticed the bright light shining from the actual moon. Then I was trying to take a picture but I couldn’t get my phone to work properly.

Jan 2016, (don’t have exact day but it was sometime between the 11th and the 27th Jan). Dream: I saw two crescent moons, two suns and another Earth. The 2nd moon/sun/earth were smaller than the regular ones, at least from my viewpoint. The 2nd moon was slightly bigger than previous dream.

29 Jun 2018 Dream: Everything was red, like looking through a red filter. It was thick red light coming from outside. I went outside and there was a blood red full moon. Next to it to the left was a smaller blood moon. I was videoing it with my phone in the dream.

10 Aug 2018: I had a clear vision as I woke up. 2 blood moons, one was full and one was crescent. They were the same size. I asked for the meaning and fell back asleep and had a quick dream: in the dream I was sorting some kind of vials of red/orange stuff.

2020 Sep 29 Dream: I was looking up through the clouds and I saw another earth, but it was upside down and it was in the past. I saw the continent of India being joined to Eurasia, which is something that happened way back in the past. I dont think it was millions of years ago though like they say. It might be 6000 years ago when God created seperated land and sea, or could have happened during the flood, Im not sure. (I went on to dream about the IT clown, which could be pointing to halloween?).

Source: https://pubs.usgs.gov/gip/dynamic/himalaya.html

2020 Oct 7 Dream:

I dreamed of a huge planet in the sky again and again it looked like earth except it looked like a map of the earth with usa clearly in front of me. It was huge, covering the whole sky and blocking the sun. As I looked up at it someone said “naruto”, they were calling it naruto.

Then UFOs came down from the planet and aliens who put on human skins to look like us and they were taking over the world, and I was trying to warn people and save people from them. They were enslaving humans.

Naruto meaning: I did think of the cartoon called naruto but I knew that’s not what was meant and I looked up the meaning. It means Maelstrom. Maelstrom meaning: a powerful whirlpool in the sea or a river, or: a situation or state of confused movement or violent turmoil. The second meaning fits.

2020 Nov 22 I dreamed again of a second earth. This time it was closer and came all the way over and through this earth until they joined as one, then everything went dark, like the 3 days of darkness started at that moment, but it was still light enough to see but the sun and moon was gone. The sky was like a orangey red color and grey like it was overcast. I was also moving house in the middle of this, which could mean transformation! My children were moving house with me but not my husband because he couldn’t or wouldn’t pack and get organized in time. I was trying to explain to my husband what was happening. I said to him that when the earth’s line up we are at the end of time and I drew a diagram of it. This has actually been a theory of mine for a while now, so I don’t know for sure if this was from God or from my own mind. I will await confirmation.

It makes sense if my theory is correct. I have a theory that we are in a timeline loop of 6 or 7000 years, like a circle and so when the earth is nearing the end, I am seeing the start of the timeline, if that makes sense. This could be what nibiru actually is about. Please tell me if you have any ideas about the meaning of these dreams. thank you!

Here is a very basic diagram like the one I drew in my dream:

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Obama Dream

This is the 3rd dream Ive had of Obama. He is someone I rarely think about but God is showing me these dreams for a reason.

2020 Dec 4 Dream: I was a child in a classroom at school. The teacher was Obama. All the kids liked him. But then, horns grew out of his head and the kids started gasping and whispering to each other. They were saying is this some halloween trick? Obama was cooking up something to share with the children. He had a big cauldron and while he was stirring it, his horns grew. I quietly prayed against it so his potion failed and burned. Obama looked at me with an angry look. Afterwards, his horns disappeared and the children were telling their parents who didn’t believe them. Obama came after me after class but I got away from him. end.

My first Obama dream

My second Obama dream

What do you guys think? Is Obama the antichrist? Or just someone who is possessed?

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2020 Nov 24 Dejavu 

I was just walking into my kitchen and had a huge dejavu moment and had a vision of the books of my life in heaven and I was inside a book at the same time. It was large book nearly as big as me, its center at my heart. I concentrated to see what happens next for me and the pages flipped quickly and stopped at my near future. I saw that the next thing that happens is that I get a house and I’m on the right track! I dont know exactly when, but its coming. As Ive said before, houses can represent our body, so this could have been symbolic for the transformation. (I am currently looking to buy a house soon too as I have to move out of my home by february.)

These books are real and mentioned in the bible. The new agers call it akashic records. I wonder if we get to see the books with the plan for our life before we are born here, and if dejavu is when we remember that. Or maybe dejavu is just when we get a glimpse of our book. I’m not sure.

I have heard other prophets mention a library in heaven where you can look into the books of someones life to get a prophetic word. I would only attempt to do this if Jesus told me which part to look at. I dont want to be nosy and only He knows what the person needs to hear.

You saw me before I was born. Every day of my life was recorded in your book. Every moment was laid out before a single day had passed. – Psalm 139:16 NLT

25 Nov: I had a second dejavu as I was reading a book about how God sees the future. Then I went into a vision and was sitting next to Father God in heaven and He was looking at the whole timeline of the earth all at once. It was like a timeline and books at the same time, hard to describe. I saw bright light and the angels singing and praising God at the start and at the end of the timeline. It was awesome! I saw the middle too but it flashed by so fast with only some highlights of key bible moments, past and future. I can’t even remember one specific thing, so can’t go into any detail on it. This is how God knows the future and how prophets can see the future also and prophecy. I am truly blessed to have glimpsed this and I hope I get to see more of it in future and grow my prophetic gifting. I will try this next time I do prophetic words. Praise God! He is amazing!

See also: my previous vision where I saw the timeline of my life.

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Trump and Biden

2020 Nov 10 Dream/Vision (Not sure if I was awake or asleep seeing this):

I saw trump and biden riding dragons, working together to reassure the crowds, each working with their half of the crowd and they were winking at each other. The crowds were like two oceans with waves coming against each other. They called out a number with 33 like it was important to them.

I know 33 relates to freemasons, which they both probably are imho. Many, if not all presidents throughout USA history were freemasons. The highest degree or position in freemasonry is 33.

I heard and saw the number 33 a few times that day before and after the dream/vision which confirms it.

All together it is believed that about nine of the fifty-six men that signed the Declaration of Independence were masons, and about thirteen of the thirty-nine that signed the US Constitutions were also masons. Maybe all of them were masons, who knows? They are secretive, so we dont know. Many government buildings were built by them and have occultic measurements and symbology. I cant say for sure if trump is a freemason, but his mentor was a 33 degree mason so I wouldnt be suprised.

Please let me know if you have any thoughts on the meaning. Thank you!

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Scripture: Then the angel said to me, “The waters you saw, where the prostitute sits, are peoples, multitudes, nations and languages. – Rev 17:15


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