Order out of chaos

Black lives matter and police are 2 opposites in a hegelian dialectic. The left vs right deception. If you take sides on either side, you are deceived and adding fuel to the fire of this war.

The devil uses divide and conquer to get us all fighting each other instead of the true enemy, him. The 2 sides have people that are to opposite extremes, both in the wrong. The truth is often somewhere in the middle.

On one side:
There are good cops and bad cops. Bad cops need to be held accountable. They are not just bad apples either. Its been an ongoing problem and nothing was being done about it. The people are sick of it. The good cops need to be appreciated.

On the other side:
There are innocent people being hurt by cops and human rights being violated, AND there are also criminals that attack good cops and the ones that use violence, destroy property and loot. The truly bad criminals have been getting away with stuff for too long and nothing has been done about it. The people are sick of it.

I know it’s more complex than this, but this is an example to explain how simple it is at the same time.


Take Jesus side.
He stands with the INNOCENT. Whoever they are, black, white, cop, left or right. He is AGAINST the violent whether they are black, white, cop, left or right.

This is so simple a child can see it. It’s the same story with EVERY political left vs right issue. Opposite extremes.

This is all happening to bring in the one world order.

God bless

5 thoughts on “Order out of chaos

  1. Great post. I was thinking just that. In fact I was just watching a YT video on one world order and how the BLM is just a front to achieve just that. Everyday, I see new signs showing how closer we are getting to Jesus Return. And it’s scary. My husband watches the news all the time. All The Time, all day long. And being an empath I can’t take it. I watch just enough to be aware of what’s going on, then I have to stop watching. I occupying and redeeming my time until We get raptured away. This is all I can think about. But I also know I want to try and help as many ppl I can also get to know Jesus so they can get saved as well. Thanks for all your info, sweet sister.
    Love ya,

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    1. Yeah you are too sweet and kind for this world sis. Its overwhelming for me too, I have to switch off the news and social media too sometimes because its upsetting. 😥 but i have to remember Gods in control. Cant wait to go home. God bless xx💞


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