Word: My gifts are free, Come to me

I get so many ads come up offering me teachings or activations of the gifts of the spirit or prophetic words. Only they cost money so the people that need it most miss out. It makes me sick. Why do they think it’s ok to charge money for Gods free gifts. They could just ask for a donation and trust in God to provide, but they are fearful and greedy. Some of the prices I’ve seen are outrageous, beyond the means of most people.
All the lukewarm Christians who heap up these false teachers to tickle their ears and ignore Gods true prophets, and ignore our King Himself, are in for a huge shock when things hit the fan. Dont give your money to these charlatans. Give money to the poor and suffering, the widows and fatherless, like Jesus taught us.
Where is the love in this world?
Ok rant over, now for a free word from our Lord Jesus:
I love you, my children. Come to me freely, come and spend time with me. You dont need fancy books or courses or special prayers. Just come to me as you are. Talk to me. Listen to me. You dont need to go from teacher to teacher seeking an experience with me. Just come to me as a child. I am here with you always, waiting for you to reach out and connect with me.
The duty of teachers and prophets are to direct you to me. If they dont do that, they are not my true prophets. I desire a personal relationship with each and every one of you. Dont pay money for my free gifts. Come to me and ask me with all of your heart for my gifts. There is a place for my prophets to anoint others and for you to encorage one another this way, but my greatest anointings are the ones given directly by me. But so few seek them with me. It takes great faith to seek that which you do not see. Will I find faith in the earth?
During these times of fear and chaos with so many conflicting news reports and teachings, do not neglect spending time with me. Now more than ever, come to me and ask me for guidance and discernment. Come to me for truth. Do not fear my loves, stay close to me and I will be your refuge.
Judgment starts in my house. The wolves in sheeps clothing and those who follow them instead of me, will fall into the delusion that is coming. Keep your eyes on me. I am the way the truth and the life. Trust no man. Even as well intentioned as they may be, only I AM the truth. Do not believe everything you hear. Check all things with me. Ask me for discernment.

I cannot stress this enough during these times ahead. We need to know how to hear God’s voice and directions and follow them. He has been impressing this on me over and over for last few months now. The times are coming when communications may be cut off and we won’t be able to listen to our favorite teachers or go to church. We need to be able to listen to God. We need to develop our personal relationship with Him. Its not as hard as you might think. Come as a child. Children hear Him clearly. We can learn from them. I’ve done a video teaching on this that might help. Here is a short playlist with my videos and a couple extras. πŸ™‚ love you guys, God bless

Ps. I pray for all of you to recieve Holy Spirit and guidance and discernment and grow closer to God and that your spiritual senses to Gods heavenly things and understanding be opened up in the mighty name of Jesus πŸ™πŸ’•

2 thoughts on “Word: My gifts are free, Come to me

  1. Hi Mel.
    I can’t believe this email today. It’s like it was directed right to me. I have been on this mirage for months trying to get closer to Jesus. But with no avail. Then when my foot started giving me problems, I focus my attention on it. Instead of with God. Now I have come full circle , and I’m starting a fast, and digging deeper into prayer, worship, and communication with Our Savior. I love my God. And all I wish is a deeper understanding of Him. To hear when He speaks. And to know what He wishes of me. So this email is perfect timing, thank you Jesus, for using Mel to bring it to me. Perfect, since she has given me protective words from you before. I love you Mel. Take care

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    1. Hi sister, so nice to hear from you. I hope the post didnt put any pressure on you. It was mainly directed at lukewarm Christian’s , but I’m glad it helped you too. I dont consider you lukewarm at all. You have such a loving heart on fire for Jesus. Love you sis, God bless! πŸ˜ŠπŸ™πŸ’–


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