The Fallen angels in Chains

2020 April 9 Fallen angels in Chains


I was asking God for encouragement as Ive been attacked recently by mockers, scoffers and religious spirits. I’ve actually just unfriended a few people on Facebook that I thought were friends. Its very hard for me to get these messages out and takes great courage with the persecution I’ve faced at home. I don’t need any more of it. There are people in my life who dont know that I post these and I fear sometimes of them finding out and abusing me for it. Jesus reminded me this day of who should be afraid and it isnt me, its them. They don’t know what’s coming.



Jesus took me to an icy mountain. It was ice, not snow, because it was see through. We walked inside. I recognized the place like I’d been there before in a dream. There were fiery stones of different colors with the same colored fire. At least 5 of them that I saw. Then I saw a row of fallen angels chained to the wall. There was at least 4, that I saw. Giants, 12 feet tall. Then we got to a huge ice table and a huge giant fallen angel chained to it. Way bigger than the others. I heard in my spirit “Azazel”. He saw us and was enraged, his face morphed into a monstrous face with sharp teeth. He said “why have you come here to torment me?”. Jesus turned His back to him and looked at me as if to say “just ignore him.” Then we left, back to heaven and sat on the grass and talked. Jesus spoke to me through impressions, not words as He usually does. He impressed upon me that these monsters will be released soon and so He will release His warriors soon too. He was reassuring me that His warriors will be transformed and fight during the tribulation and they will have superhuman abilities. It has to be this way. Everything He has shown me is true and I must not doubt it. I had been having doubts because of the mockers and scoffers and it seems like nothing is happening yet, but that is the spirit of doubt that had crept in. Obviously things are happening as the mark of the beast system is being set up before our very eyes.

I asked Jesus how soon? He said “I have already lit the fuse, haven’t I?” He impressed upon me again that I cannot know the exact day and hour. I said for all I know it could be years. He said “not years”.

(The rest of our conversation was personal matters).


I remembered reading about stones of fire in scripture and found this about satan:


Ezekiel (28:14 ESV):

14 You were an anointed guardian cherub.

I placed you; you were on the holy mountain of God; in the midst of the stones of fire you walked.


What are these stones of fire I wonder?


I found scripture about the fallen angels in chains:


Jude 1:6: And angels who did not keep their own domain, but abandoned their proper abode, He has kept in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day.


2 Peter 2:4 For if God did not spare the angels who sinned, but cast them down to hell and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved for judgment


The book of Enoch also mentioned these fallen angels and fiery stones. Enoch mentioned Azazel too as the leader of these fallen Angel’s he called the “watchers” and his imprisonment.


Maybe these stones have something to do with the stones that I studied in my last post. Please help me out if you know anything, comment below, thanks, God bless.

Update: just saw this video by steve benoon about it, very interesting !

8 thoughts on “The Fallen angels in Chains

  1. Dear Mel. Sorry I haven’t responded these past few post. I’ve read them all and I’m in awe with your ability to talk to Jesus. I wish I had those abilities too. But He seems to not want to talk to me. I always feel He is ashamed of me. But you, you seem to be his favorite. These dreams you have been having are wonderful. I can’t even tell you how excited I am to receive these post from you. They are becoming more and more frequent. Which is exciting in themselves because it assures us we are going home soon. Thank you for ALWAYS sharing these with us. I would never ever scoffed you on any of these post. I think you are amazing.
    God bless you,


    1. Aww thank you sis, I hope my posts encorage you and I never want you to feel bad by them, God really wants to talk to all of us. Theres nothing special about me, trust me! 😅 maybe your feeling like this is what blocks you from hearing Him. The devil wants us to feel like God doesn’t love us and doesnt want to talk to us. Rebuke those lies and keep seeking Him sis, I promise you will hear from Him. It took me a lot of seeking Him in tears before I ever heard anything from Him. I still get attacked by the enemy. Plagued by doubts. Wondering if I imagined it all, feeling like Gods abandoned me etc. But it’s not true, the devil is a liar and accuser. God loves you so much! Keep praying sis. Im praying for you too. Love u God bless xx💗🙏💕


  2. ❤️why couldn’t we live closer. There’s so many things I’d like to pick your brain about. But we’re going home so, I’ll pick it then…

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  3. Wow amazing sis. I have heard through Gen6 productions about giants (annunaki??) In Antarctica. Sis Bette at A Servants Heart also been shown underground labs down there.

    In one of my dreams, I belive now, that I was shown the artic shelf and a massive white gorilla. I heard “nephilim” as i looked at it in fear. I couldn’t Traverse the blue white “fence” as it was sheer with no leverage. Next thing I know, I found myself hiding behind a soft red sofa – The only safe hiding place is under the blood of Jesus.

    Not years!? That’s encouraging!!!!

    God be with you and praying for you

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