Word on Authority

2019 feb 7

Word from the Lord today on Authority, and why praying doesn’t always work:

So this was actually right before the experience with the ants in my last post, I had forgotten about it sorry!

I was thinking: how can I have strong faith when God doesn’t always answer prayers and people aren’t always delivered/healed when we pray.
Jesus gave us authority over the enemy, but anyone with a deliverance/healing ministry knows that when we pray for non believers it’s more likely to work than if we pray for christians. Why?
God told me today “it’s because of their authority”.
Non believers have no authority over the enemy, so we have all the authority over the enemy in that situation and it’s more easily done. A second reason I can think of is that sometimes God is using the healing/ deliverence as a sign, so that they will believe.

Believers generally dont need a sign, and they have authority of their own over the enemy. So, when they have given permission to demons to stay, we may not be able to cast them out. They are usually unaware that they have given permission, so we need to help them figure that out, if they are willing and they would have to renounce it. And I’ve always believed that a believer can cast their own demons out better than anyone else, because they have the authority to, but we all need help sometimes. 2 or more are stronger. But some aren’t willing to self examine and figure out how they are giving permission to these demons. They just want the easy way out with no effort on their part and will go to one deliverance meeting to another always hoping for instant healing/deliverance, when the answer is within them the whole time. Or maybe the demons do leave but because they are continuing in the sin or false belief that allows the demons to come back, their deliverence just never lasts very long.

I remember praying for deliverance over my son over and over and nothing happened. When I finally got him to pray too, together with me, he was instantly delivered. He was only about 10 years old, but he is a believer and so maybe because of his own authority, he had to come into agreement with my prayer.

In saying all this though, every situation is different and God has His reasons sometimes that are a mystery to us. But I will keep trying and keep learning. Please share with me what you have learned, God bless

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