Dream Walking on Water

2020 March 30 walk on water dream

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I was at the scene where Jesus had Peter walk on the water. I was seeing through the eyes of an old man on the boat. I could understand his thoughts. He saw Jesus. He couldn’t see the water as there was mist, wind, rain and waves, it was stormy, but I felt peace and calm looking at Jesus. Jesus said “come over here”, with His hands out, smiling. He trusted Jesus 100% and walked towards Him. He thought they were at the shore and he thought he was walking on the dry land. The other men were marvelling at him and laughing for joy because they knew the old man didn’t know what was going on. It felt like being a young child again, running to my dad, or mum, just complete trust. Adults think too much, honestly, we should be more like children!

There’s a lot of meaning I’ve gotten out of this. First there is the obvious: we should be like children and have absolute faith in Jesus, especially during a storm.

Also we are in the beginning stages of the biggest “storm” the world has ever seen as the tribulation is about to hit. It is going to shock the lukewarm believers who are going to be left behind. So this is a message for them to stay strong by looking at Jesus no matter what evil is going to happen around you. It won’t be too late, if you are left behind, you could be one of the tribulation saints, part of the great harvest.

The ones that are saved first, the firstfruits, are the ones who trust Jesus 100% and get out of the boat. Stay in the false security of the manmade boat and get left behind. God put in my spirit the boat is like the titanic. The proud and the rich are headed for destruction. Be like a humble child and run to Jesus with all your heart and you will be saved.

God has also reminded me that this confirms previous dreams that I’ve had of crossing an ocean or river to get to safety. It is symbolic of exodus or rapture and transformation. Moses was saved as a baby when his mother put him in a river. The Israelites were saved through crossing the red sea. Noah and his family were saved through the flood. We are saved through baptism in water, being born again, with the water of life. The river of the water of life that comes from Fathers throne. We are also annointed by the latter rains. I think Jesus meant to walk on water that day to symbolize all these things. 

Please comment with your thoughts, God bless 🙂

2 thoughts on “Dream Walking on Water

  1. Oh wow all you’re water crossing dreams and examples reminds me of a dream I never knew the meaning of. I still journaled it. I was with a group of people at dusk or dawn (low light), the atmosphere was a peaceful beautiful blue. We walked through clear water below our knee’s on the outskirts of a middle eastern or Mediterranean town. We were headed somewhere though I didn’t know where. Some of the group seemed to change their minds and wade back into town..

    Thank you for sharing sis. We’re in a time like no other, where we’ll need our childlike faith! Xxx

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    1. Wow thank you for sharing that dream! The evening twilight could have meaning too. When Jesus said He is coming in the twinkle of an eye, that phrase means sunset twilight time. We are going home soon sis! 😄🙌🙏💖


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