Recent vision + dream

I had a recent vision of Father getting up off His throne and saying it is time. He was measuring fruit. He said “will I find faith?”. He was measuring the faith in the hearts of man.

I dreamed this morning of the rev 12 woman, she was about to give birth.

Keep looking to Jesus, there is not long to go! God bless

5 thoughts on “Recent vision + dream

  1. This is fabulous news. I can’t wait to go home. This world is getting me down. I’m feeling weak, exhausted, confused, and so ready. I love Jesus Christ so much. And I just want to be with Him

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  2. Wahoo praise God!!
    Thank you Lord your will be done always
    Bless your precious daughter and may her whole household be saved in jesus name β€πŸ™ŒπŸ₯°

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