Bill G@tes, G00gle, v@x

2020 July 31

I know this dream is a bit old. I didnt share straight away because there was a part at the end which I didnt fully understand and I’ve been quite busy. But God has put it on my heart to share the dream and just leave the last part out as it’s not relevant.


My second youngest child was going on a weekend long school trip, but somehow they were taking them without my permission. It was on a futuristic looking aeroplane. I ran to get a ticket and jump on with only the clothes on my back. I had left my youngest at school so rang my older child to pick her up and look after her. (I actually homeschool in real life). 

On the plane (might have been a space ship actually), the kids and I were seated like how an army plane has seats with the seats sideways facing each other. The trip was fully funded by “G00gle”. The teachers/nurses were evil and they were giving us special vitamin gummies to prepare us for the v@ccination coming later. There were 3 different gummies. One of them was vitamin K, (which in real life is an injection given to newborns.) I can’t remember what the other ones were. They tasted disgusting but were shaped like teddy bears and lolly shapes. Some kids were spitting them out. Somehow they thought I was a child too and treated me like one. I felt like I was undercover. Then they went around and asked each child if they would agree to the v@ccination. The ones that said yes got a purple mark. The ones that said no got a red mark. I knew in my spirit the red mark meant they were marked for blood sacrifice. Purple means royalty which is how they considered those with the mark of the beast. We arrived at the place which was run by bill g@tes. It was completely off the map and up above the clouds. Once off the plane, I tried to turn on my gps and find out where we were and get home. There was no signal, no location but a map of the area came up. There was no way back except in the plane after the weekend trip was over. Inside the main centre of the place it was like a museum with very modern technology. There were 2 humpback whales in a large aquarium. But it was cruel because it wasn’t big enough for them, they could hardly turn around in it, let alone swim. 

There were lots of cool exhibits about space and computers also. I could tell they were trying to impress the kids so they would trust Bill G@tes and get the v@ccine.

Then Jesus taught me a tune which would be my way out. I had to type the tune into a computer, like a code to hack the system and get out. The rest of dream Ill leave out.

My interpretation:

In real life, they are really passing new laws that say that they can take our children straight from school into quarantine without parents permission and some schools have permission to give the kids injections too. I think they might tell the kids it’s a school trip or entertain them somehow to keep them cooperative, and also try to brainwash them. They already brainwash children in schools. This is why I homeschool now and highly recommend you do the same. I had another dream of them taking the children from schools here.

I think the vitamin gummies represent all the v@ccines etc that they give kids from birth onwards to weaken their immune systems in preparation for the mark of the beast v@ccine. I remember learning about the harm of unnecessary vitamin k shots that they give to newborns after I had my first baby. (Disclaimer: Im not a doctor, so do your own research).

They do plan to kill everyone who doesn’t take the mark of the beast, which explains the blood sacrifice part. But I do believe the children will be raptured before the mark is enforced.

People with the mark will become physically enhanced as their dna changes and will become part of satans counterfeit “royal” army, to fight against Gods true royal army in the final battle. 

The whales could have something to do with the sign of Jonah, I’m not sure.

The tune I learned could have been symbolic for the song that only the 144k know. They are the ones counted worthy to escape the tribulation. I dont know if I can share the tune, so I wont.

They sang as it were a new song before the throne, before the four living creatures, and the elders; and no one could learn that song except the hundred and forty-four thousand who were redeemed from the earth. ~ Rev 14:3

I prayed for confirmation on sep 10, and the Lord gave me confirmation again of the rapture of the children, so please don’t be afraid of this. He gave me Amos 3:12 which says: …So shall the children of Israel be taken out…

It could be that these children represent lost souls like in my previous dreams about orphans.

Let me know if you have any more thoughts about the meaning, thank you!

God bless!

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