Planets/ moons in the sky

This is going to be a long post with a few dreams. Please always take all the things Ive written to the Lord and pray over it. Ive been having dreams of planets /moons in the sky lately and have started seeing them in the sky too. I know others have been posting videos of these things for a while now, but I never believed it until I saw them with my own eyes. I always wrote it off as lens flares etc, but seeing with my own eyes cant be a lens flare. Its taken me a while to write about this because Ive been busy with family matters, and I wanted to get a clear photo or video of them as proof, which has been quite difficult. I usually see them when Im driving or unable to take a photo, or they disapear or blur before I get my phone camera out. It feels like they know I can see them, and they hide. I could stare at them for a very long time when I dont have a camera. But lets start at the first dream I had:

I already posted this dream here. In this one they were stars that came down as pagan gods/goddesses. The planets and their moons are named after pagan gods/goddesses and are also called “wandering stars”. So I believe this was actually planets as well as stars in this dream. We know a third of the stars will fall down as in revelations and the stars are angels, or least symbolise angels. The dragon and stars coming down are linked with the birth of the man child – the 144k. See Rev 12.

This is a previous dream that I have not posted yet, because I was waiting for understanding:

2021 Aug 22 Dream:

I was at a child’s birthday party at some kind of building that was hired for the party. It was a computer gaming facility, like for lan parties or something but it had super fast unlimited internet for gaming. My sons friend and his family were there and the kids of a friend of mine were there. There was a school teacher there visiting, who I was having a chat with, and I asked her if she wanted a cup of tea. She said no thanks and left.

I went outside and saw saturn in the sky in broad daylight and clearly saw its moons. Saturn looked as big as the moon. I saw Jupiter and Neptune and other planets, and I saw stars too and some were moving around. It’s like all of space was coming down. I had a knowing in my spirit that this was the second time this was happening, and it was going to be 1 week or 7 days since the last time it happened. I knew I had to remember this and count the days. 

I took a video of them and tried to share but the internet was down.

I was shouting to everyone, it’s nearly time! The rapture is near! Believe in Jesus! I wanted to tell everyone and spray paint it on the walls everywhere. I felt such urgency. Noone was listening. The reason I wanted to spray it on the walls is because I was leaving and wanted to leave the message for anyone who would see it. I could not find spray paint anywhere.

I went back into the building and went on one of the computers to share my video, but the internet was down there too. I quickly logged out of all my social media before turning off the computer because I didn’t want to be hacked or tracked. I was worried the police might track me down if they had access to it. The party was over and I was trying to pack up and clean up as we were supposed to do when finished with the place. A couple mums were helping but there were still kids running around making a mess. I started getting frustrated and ended up grabbing my things and leaving. One of the things I grabbed was a teddy bear from my childhood. It was in a room that had 4 bunk beds.

My brother showed up, he was excited because he had stolen one of the v and was going to study it. I was excited too and wanted to crack it open and see if there was a rfid in it and check it under a microscope. It looked like a pen with an angled end to it with a lid. I left it with my brother and I went outside.

Outside was a highway and people were starting to leave in their cars with their kids. A kid ran onto the road and the parent was too busy talking like they didn’t care about the child. I yelled at the kid: “get off the road!”. The kid ran towards the other side to get off and was nearly hit. Someone went to grab that kid.

I walked towards the back area of carpark and saw the nextdoor neighbour and tonnes of wifi receivers set up in their backyard. They were stealing free internet from the wifi at the gaming place. They may have been reselling it to others, given how many recievers they had set up.

Looking back at the highway again, there was a car crash and I was going to help the people that crashed, but I woke up.

After I woke up, I drifted off again and saw a tough looking nurse with a container full of the v. She had a list of names of people who hadn’t taken it and she was about to go to their homes to bully them into taking the v. This part was more like a vision and very realistic.

My interpretation:

Child’s birthday: might be manchilds birth? The child whose birthday it was, didn’t seem to be there.

My sons friend and his family represent lukewarm Christians. He is the same boy from this dream here (in that dream, he was killed by fallen angels and I prayed to bring him back to life.)

My friend and her children represent unbelievers. My children actually were not there, which makes me think they may have been raptured.

I think the place was unclean with sin and noone wanted to help clean it up and people and kids messing it up like they didn’t care fits in with this world and their attitude about sin.

Planets/stars getting closer: the fallen angels falling down.

Please help me with the meaning of counting one week or 7 days, since “the first time it happened”. It could mean 7 thousand years, because a thousand years is like a day for God. See also.

Internet cut off: I had a couple other dreams of the internet being cut off at some point.

Maybe the v looked like pens, because pens leave a mark? (Mark of the beast).

I do not know what the teddy bear meant, or the bunk beds?

The highway with the danger for kids and car crash, could be the broad road that leads to destruction. “β€œEnter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it.” – Matthew 7:13

2021 Oct 17:

This is the day I saw the planets/ moons in the sky so clearly with my own eyes it blew my mind. I had seen the “moons” before this during previous weeks, but thought it might have been just day visions. I went to the beach and spent a while looking up and I saw them. They look like invisible orbs or spheres in the sky or perfect circles in the clouds. How to spot them is by seeing the clouds moving around them or seeing a perfect circle, a darker or lighter circle in the clouds. I saw what looked like a large planet with a moon in front of it towards the south. That moon was the most clear. Then I saw another moon/planet a bit further over from it, to the left of it. Over towards the north I saw 2 moons and a possible planet. Im calling them moons because they look the same size as our moon, and Im calling the larger ones planets. This was when the sun was high in the sky today around mid afternoon. I noticed the first one because there were huge clouds around it, kind of like wings on either side of it. It was like this huge planet punched through the line of clouds and the clouds were bending around it. Whatever these are, they are very close, at cloud level, because they affect the clouds. I did not have my camera on me at the time, and Ive never seen them as clear as that day, although Ive seen them a lot since and many of them all over the sky. I have also seen on other days, what looks like a 2nd sun, right next to the sun, but smaller. Please share with me if youve ever seen any of these.

2021 Oct 19th Dream:

I dreamed the planets came down again. And some kind of monsters / demons / aliens were coming off the planets onto the earth. They had weapons, including spears and were charging like an army to destroy humans / takeover the earth. I saw people fighting back as well.

At the same time I saw an underground lab where they were studying a dormant monster that was under the ground. They had strong glass over it. The monster was a huge white gorilla. I was frantically warning the scientists that it was going to break out and the glass isn’t strong enough. They wouldn’t listen. The gorilla woke up and started breaking through the glass. It was a similar size to king kong.


The first thing I thought of with the gorilla, was this dream with a giant white gorilla in Antarctica (Julia is a close friend and sister in Christ):

She called it a nephilim gorilla. She also thought of the abominable snowman/ yeti. There have been some movies hinting at these things such as King Kong, abominable etc. I think when the fallen angels come down, is when the nephilim /demons get released also and the fallen angels in chains in antartica. (Interestingly, the upcoming solar eclipse on the 4th, will be seen over antarctica, which might be a clue?)

I got another confirmation from another sister who said quote: “I saw all the planets gather around the earth. And then Great dark warlords gathered around as well. All gods and goddesses. Demon kings and queens are getting ready to step into our world.” this lines up with my other dream with the pagan gods / goddesses coming down. She also mentioned ufos around the earth and nibiru.

2021 Nov 5 Vision:

I was in a vision, speaking to Jesus, and asked about the moons/spheres I’ve been seeing. Jesus took me to the clouds and I saw the same demonic creatures that I’ve seen in the clouds before. He said that is what the “moons” are. So I asked why or how they looked like moons or large orbs. He said that’s just what I’m seeing with my physical eyes. Thats all He said about it.

So I think this means that what I’m seeing is the effect the demonic creatures are having on the clouds around them. It may be like some kind of energy field or aura around them. I know some say they have cloaking devices and that the government are covering them up, but Im not so sure about that. I believe they are spiritual in nature, so invisible to our physical eyes. But it is possible the goverment are covering up the sphere shapes that Ive been seeing. That time I saw the huge planet and moon, a square shaped cloud appeared over it, as if it was trying to cover it up. It looked similar to a chemtrail cloud.

I had a thought that may be they have this forcefield around them because they can’t touch water and clouds are water. But that is just my theory. In theory the nephilim were silicon crystal based life forms, not carbon. The crystal disintegrates in water. If that’s the case, it explains why God wiped them out with a flood. Water also symbolises cleansing and these are unclean spirits.

This all got me thinking about how the angels are called stars in the bible, and the planets used to be called wandering stars. The planets and their moons are all named after pagan gods/goddesses. What if its not just symbolism? What if they really are the angels /fallen angels, but what we are seeing with our physical eyes, when we look at them, is the energy that surrounds them? Maybe Gods angels / stars give off the energy of pure white light and the fallen angels / planets are different colors because they are impure? I honestly don’t believe anything n a s a says about them. They are corrupted and can’t be trusted. This is all speculation of course and you can take it to the Lord as always.

See also:

See also:

Must see this channel shows same thing I’ve been seeing:

More to come, another dream that I will post soon. I will also do another post with the photos and videos Ive got of these spheres, even though they arent very good. I will try to get better shots of them. Please give me your thoughts on all this, thank you and God bless.

Update 2 Jan, this post is confirmation! :

Also saw this on Facebook today:

9 Jan update, just saw more confirmations today in this sister’s dreams:

Even more confirmations here, so many are having dreams about these planets!:

Also, here Steve benun is saying that chemtrails are actually sprayed to make the atmosphere better for “aliens”:

5 thoughts on “Planets/ moons in the sky

  1. Fascinating sis! I agree with your explanation re angels looking like stars hence the demonic gods look like the planets n moons. Crazy tho, the planet x system has been described as having 7 planet sized comets with their moons. I counted That you saw 7. I’m.going to look longer at the clouds now!

    I’ve heard that aliens will come off of Nibiriu. It’s been said that Planet X has been here before and caused Noah’s flood. So maybe this is the 2nd time. The Annunaki are also said to have come off of Niburu last time and gave the Hopi Indians prophecies including a 7 year earth cleansing period!

    My ex saw the 2nd sun a few years ago. He even recorded it tho I wouldn’t know where it is now!

    Look fwd to seeing the footage and pictures.

    Bless you sis

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  2. That’s all really interesting Mel! I personally do not believe in what nasa says about the heavens. Once I was reading the Bible and I read Genesis again and I read about the firmament and I saw something that I never saw before. The firmament that divides the waters under the firmament from the waters above the firmament. I never thought about it before and didn’t know that, but now I believe that there is water above also. I also think that it makes sense with during Noah’s flood, the windows of heaven being opened. The tower of Babel also that they tried to build in Genesis 11. In that time I really got into rethinking how the earth God made actually is etc.. I am convinced that nasa hides the truth about the earth. I have seen so much and I am know sure that they never actually, literally had their foot on the moon, neither that they actually went into what they call space. I really believe there is a firmament and that there is water above and more that I don’t know of and that in the Highest Heaven God is literally above us, no matter if one is in Antarctica, looking to the sky, I believe God is always actually above us on His throne. But I am not going to start a debate on all of these, sadly many believers divide too much about these and many insult flatearthers. I don’t know exactly what the earth looks like, but I honestly believe more in a stable earth now with the stars, sun and moon rotating around us in the firmament, than what nasa says. Anyways, just interesting thoughts. Sorry I really got off topic, I actually wanted to share about these orbs, circles, planets in the sky. I also have heard people say the Fallen angels coming off of a planet maybe red in color or Grey also and which some say planet X or nibiru. I have no accurate knowledge on these things. But I do notice sometime things in the sky. Sometimes the sky is clear blue and when I look not long after, one area is covered with weird, unusual clouds suddenly after. I believe I did see some darker perfect circles or nearly so and I also saw rectangular shapes. Sometimes I see these clouds and I just can’t deny, that somehow, something or someone is trying to hide something in the sky for people to see.

    There is a brother in Christ and he really sees one particular object in the sky and he calls it the orb and the dragon and refers to the revelation 12 sign. Also he said this is what past cultures such as China have seen before and that this maybe is the “dragon system” that God used to bring the flood, to make the sun stand still in Joshua etc..

    There is so much more in these dreams and visons you talked about, really interesting things we could talk long about. Let’s keep close to Jesus!

    Here are 2 videos where he shows how he sees these things and also what it is for him:

    Sorry for my long, unorderly comment.
    God bless you all!

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    1. Hi Angelo! Thanks for saying this! I believe in flat earth too! I didn’t want to say yet and put people off who don’t believe that. I’m not 100% sure of it yet, but I have seen much more evidence for flat earth, and no proof for the globe. I did have a dream once where I flew up into the sky, to find out the shape of the earth, and it was flat, in my dream.
      Thanks for those video links. I have seen Jeffreys videos. He is definitely onto something, but he doesn’t believe flat earth. I don’t think these are actually planets, but they are demonic entities or energy, as Jesus showed me. Nibiru /planet x is part of the alien deception that is coming. Don’t be sorry, I love to talk about these things πŸ™‚
      God bless


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